Woman rushed to the emergency room after 3-hour orgasm

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One woman’s sexual pleasure soon turned to pain. According to the TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” a woman, Liz, and her partner, Eric had a moment of intimacy before work.

After the sexual encounter, Liz noticed that she was still experiencing an orgasm. She attempted to jump up and down and drink wine to calm herself down; however, her orgasm continued.

She experienced the painful orgasm for two-hours straight before she decided to go to the hospital. Once she arrived at the emergency room, Liz was treated by doctors and the orgasm stopped after three long hours.

The TLC series features wild sexual moments that end in the emergency room. Another segment of the show features an obese man who crushed his girlfriend the first time they had sex.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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  1. This is actually a best-seller in the rough. If she can actually write what happened in detail down, she might be opening up a new door of research on this. Because I could barely stand 10 seconds (as good as it feels!) in comparison to three hours. That’s a lot of seratonin released.

  2. wait she’s having multi orgasms and complains? woooow! but guess who’s going to get the phones calls now the boyfriend!there’s a lot of women going to find out where he lives LOL!!! he must be a powerhouse to pull that one off.

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