Kevin Hart says black women hate on his girlfriend because she’s exotic looking

kevin hartKevin Hart is making black women climb up off of him and his latest girlfriend, exotic Jamaican-bred beauty, Eniko Parrish.

The white-hot comedian, who has a gang of movies and TV shows and special popping up like dandelions, has tired of women saying that he left black women to be with exotic, light-skinned women. Nothing could be further from the truth, the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and Ride Along star says.

First of all, Hart says, his current girlfriend is black and hails from the Caribbean. Secondly, he tried to make it work with his wife and the mother of his kids. But he claims he jumped off the train when he saw his marriage was a train wreck waiting to happen.

In an interview with Upscale magazine, the comedian discusses his tumultuous marriage to ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and also fires shots at hateful black women who he claims berate him of his “exotic looking” girlfriend.

“I read so much stuff that black women say, especially about my relationship. ‘Oh, he left his black wife to go be with some exotic chick.’ First of all, my girl is black, she’s Jamaican. But they say it as if they know what me and my ex-wife’s problems were. When we first got together, our relationship was amazing. We got married young and our s— got rocky. In my divorce, I stood up and said to my ex-wife, ‘Hey, I messed up. This had nothing to do with you. I didn’t understand what marriage was. I cheated. I was wrong. We couldn’t fix it, it got worse. I stepped away because I didn’t want it to get any worse. You’re the mother of my kids, I don’t want to hate you. The only way that’s gonna happen, is if I’m the bigger man and I leave.’ I think that was a very mature thing to do.”

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. No, he’s not making “black women” do anything. Lol ..thats a joke. No one cares. We dont owe him anything. I think thats the real problem. He needs fans…honey… not me. It’s sad to see people continue to perpetuate lies and hate among black men and women. Geneocide of a ppl. I dont find him funny, I dont care if his girl /wife is black, white, green or purple. The End

      1. What lines Authur? Judge me based on how I treat you. How about that. People need to feel important. This idiot needs attention. So, he’ll use blk women to get it. That sounds real big and great of him. (Sarcasm)

        1. Oh, I’m not knocking anything you’ve said at all…I’ve just had some negative experiences in the realm of romance with my black peoples. Everything else with my sistas is great though. But I’ve had negative experiences with everyone, as well. I guess, it just wasn’t until recently that black women were even giving me a chance…I think it’s because I DON’T fit any particular stereotype that those particular women think that I as a black man should be…and that is loosely based on some conversations I’ve had with some women…like, one day this girl said flat out of the blue, “you look like you only date white women.” I was really offended by that one…I dunno, sometimes I think that’s what a lot of women see before giving me a chance

          1. I guess black ppl don’t know each other like they use to. Anyway, that’s all the rage. These days blk man and other…..its now taboo to see a black couple….so maybe that’s why they asked. But, join the club….blk men assume every blk woman has an average of two kids…so when I say no….the line of questioning becomes annoying. It is what it is.

  2. Number one, who cares about his relationship that he had going on while he was still married, sprayed or not, they weren’t divorced yet. Second of all, his girlfriend doesn’t look remotely exotic at all, she look like a normal light skin black girl, she’s pretty, but far from exotic. Again, who cares about Kevin and his relationship, there are real problems in the world, and his relationship isn’t one of them!

    1. I’ve been tryin to understand what “exotic” means for a while now. It’s sound as if it’s just something ignorant that only the simple minded would use. So, is Lupita exotic…she dont look like the average blk girl in America either. I’ll wait.

  3. kevin needs to stop taking comments so personal. isn’t he a comedian after all? his job description relys on making fun and talking about other famous people and their personal problems. its just comments…..

    1. Oh…so being a black woman is being a “regular” chick? No! Being a black woman of any hue is being exotic, but his position is that black women (and probably blacks in general) view lighter-skinned black women as being more exotic, which – if they really believe that – is ridiculous.

      The closer you are to being Caucasian, the LESS exotic you are. I know people think of exotic black women as being those of lighter hues, but that’s the exact opposite of the true meaning. Darker-skinned people are the standard for exoticism. The darker you are, the more exotic you are.

      Whites refer to dark-skinned persons of all colors as being exotic, the logic being that the further away from Caucasian a person is, the more exotic that person is.

      1. I don’t know about you but I don’t appeal to the standards of Caucasians when it comes to determining who is exotic or not. I have my own eyes. Plus most Caucians don’t consider blacks exotic. They consider certain mixed race Latinos or Indians to be exotic.

        1. You’re completely wrong about that. Caucasians absolutely DO consider blacks to be “exotic”, which is why they have exhibited an undeniable sexual attraction to both genders of blacks for centuries. Even Caucasians who purport to dislike blacks consider them to be exotic.

          But that’s beside the point. Exotic, by definition, is anything not Caucasian…that includes blacks. YOU may not see it that way, but it is that way. You cannot get anymore exotic than Prolle who are members of the African diaspora. As well, Latin, Asian/Pacific Islanders, etc., would also be considered exotic.

          So-called Africsn-Americsns have been vkbditioned to hate themselves and to think of themselves as less beautiful than other groups, but the truth can be found by looking at things from a global perspective. Blacks are not devalued all over the world the way we are in America. And even white Americans are faking the funk. Deep down, every Caucasian person wants to have sex with a black person just once…no matter what they tell you.

          White men date black women because they exiticize them. White women find black men to be exotic.

          1. They were the first to use the word.

            It was coined by the English, Dutch and Portuguese who spied on African tribal rituals pre-slavery (1400 A.D.), noting the silky, dark skin and curvatious bodies of the Africans, as well as the sizes of the Afrucan males’ “members”. The spies were mesmerized by the Africans and called them “exotics”.

            Entire books have been written on the subject.

            Exotic is basically a Caucasian man’s word, and it applies to all people of color…non-Europeans!

            Too many black people associate “exotic” with “beautiful”, and thus fail to recognize themselves as being exotic because they don’t see themselves as being beautiful.

            Kevin Hart is, himself, exotic! So his argument that black women hate his woman due to her exotic looks is a bit misguided.

            Some may indeed envy her skin color and hair texture, but those envious women are in fact more exotic than she is!

          2. Animals and people, or sensory things like food and smells, are often called exotic when they are from far-away lands. In the 16th century, exotic came into use — from Latin and Greek words for “foreign,” which came, in turn, from exo-, meaning “outside.” By the 17th century it was also being used to describe things that are striking or unusual. Even when the words strange and alien are sometimes used as synonyms.

        1. You asked for it, and I was completely correct! “Tropical” is one of the definitions. “Colorful” is another.

          In short, NOTHING I found dispels anything I wrote above; in fact it only strengthens my argument that black people are the very definition of “exotic”.

          Blacks hail from one of the hottest, most tropical places in the world, a continent called AFRICA!

          That means people with color in their skin are generally the definition of exotic. Certainly, this is premised on the idea that one is looking from a Eurocentric prism, but whites were the first to use the word.

          They used it to describe African slaves, who were unique, had dark skin and were from a hot, tropical region.

        2. Google Definitions of “Exotic”:

          originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country.

          synonyms: foreign, nonnative, tropical;

          attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary

          striking, colorful, eye-catching, flamboyant;

  4. Kevin hart you are ignorant don’t care about you or yo gold digger she wouldn’t think twice about yo ugly self if u didn’t have a few dollars u ain’t there yet and never will be SHE HAVE YOU

  5. He sounds ignorant.

    Blacks are, by definition, “EXOTIC”! Dark skin and origin from a hot region of the Earth makes one exotic, and the darker the skin the more exotic. The closer the appearance to Caucasian, the less exotic. Ghis means that Tika Sumpter and Naiomi Campbell are more “exotic” in appearance than are Hart’s lady or Halle Berry…not necessarily more beautiful, just more exotic.

    Dark skinned blacks, no matter where thy live, are the most exotic creatures one can find. So Kevin Hart’s girlfriend is NOT more exotic than many of his critics – presumably black women – just because she has an ethnically “mixed” appearance.

    In truth, her appearance makes her less exotic, because it is closer to the appearance of Caucasian on the ethnic continuum.

    1. Uh…no. You’re the ignorant one. First of all there is no such thing as “Latino” features. Latino is a linguistic group, and to a lesser extent a cultural group. Zoe Zaldana, Alexis Bledel, and Eva Longoria are all Latinos and yet do not have features that are anywhere near similar..

      Skin color or how hot the region where one is from has nothing to do with being exotic. I don’t know where you heard that ridiculous claim. Are you going by white people’s standards or something? Someone who looks exotic is a person who has a unique look. Usually mixed-race people are exotic because mixing races produces a different [i.e. hybrid] appearance than the convention Black, White, or East Asian features.

      Jamaicans are a very mixed people (often with White or Chinese), so maybe Hart’s girl has something else in her and that is what gives her the exotic appearance. Most individuals of just one race (though there are exceptions) don’t generally give off that exotic vibe. People like Adriana Lima, Aishwarya Rai, or Claudia Lynx would be my epitome of exotic.

      1. I am well aware of the differences between “Latin”, Latino/a, and Hispanic. In the American English lexicon, the thee terms have become interchangeable…real talk.

        Secondly, the definition for the word “exotic” is often wrongly used to mean “more beautiful”, and that appears to be the context in which Keven Hart uses the word.

        What in h3ll would make one black woman “different” to another black woman? What…the fact that one might be dark while the other is lighter-skinned? And what black person doesn’t “have ‘something else’ in him/her”? Explain to me how this woman is so unique that other black people would exoticize her? I can understand why a Caucasian would; many don’t see people like her (or you or me) every day. Some don’t deal with people of color every day.

        DIFFERENT FROM WHAT?! Can you give a cogent answer to that question?

        The fact that one may have straight hair while the other has curly hair? It is impossible for one black woman to view another as being “exotic”, because no black woman is going to possess any physical feature unusual enough to evoke such a responses peeved, the typical Caucasian sees all people of color as being “different”. The reverse is not true because Caucasians are ubiquitous to the world(s) of people of color.

        Hart was insulting the majority of black women by placing his woman in a separate class of beauty, and he misused the word “exotic” to do it.

        While it is true that one may use the word “exotic” to describe someone who is unique or different, the word – as it is used from a Euro perspective – denotes people of color. This is why – as I stated above – people in the entertainment and fashion industries use the word to denote people of color in general. and yes, I am defining the word from a Caucasian perspective, NOT “STANDARD”, the reason being my position that all people of color are exotic by definition.

        I once worked at a modeling agency, where I would take calls from department store ad directors. Without fail, they would give breakdowns that included something like “x number of blonde Caucasians, x number of dark Caucasians. Here’s our EXOTIC breakdown: Asian female, one black male and a Hispanic/Latino of either gender.

        You define “exotic” as “different or unique”. I agree with that definition in general, but the problem is that you provide no context under which it excludes people of color. The reason is that you cannot. There’s no such thing as “unique” to people of color when another person of color is speaking. I have never seen a person of color for whom I couldn’t find a twin in someone else I have encountered. Therefore, no black woman looks exotic to me. By your own definition, no black woman can be described as exotic by other black women.

        It would be a stretch for one of us to call an Asian woman exotic, but it would make more sense.

        In any case, Kevin Hart is a dark-skinned man with a dark-skin complex, and he makes it very VERY clear that he sees light skin, curly/wavy hair, and non/brown eyes as representative of a heightened level of beauty, and THAT is his definition of exotic.

        Again, he sounded stupid. He might as well have said, “Y’all just don’t like my woman ’cause she’s light skinned with ‘good hair’.” Now how ignorant foes he sound with that BS…like she’s different from other black women. She has a million twins out there.

        1. Run, you need to go back to your studies. Jamaicans are not arrogant, you are. You talk with long, unnatural sentences full of grammatical errors and a resentment for Jamaicans who are proud of who they are. Maybe you are ashamed of yourself,so you feel the need to put Jamaicans down. Jamaica is small yet the people are powerful. Deal with it.

          1. You are stupid! Lol. Long, unnatural sentences full of grammatical errors…where? I’m easily one of the best writers on these boards, and I have won many awards for my writing. Anyone who thinks I am a poor writer has very poor command of the English language.

          2. For someone who has won so many awards as you claim, you do realize that unless you’re texting it’s frowned upon to use shorthands such as “H3LL” or “STFU”. And of course, most writers know to always go over their work, such as: “Unlike most of he posters here”. To me, it seems as if the other poster struck a nerve with all your capitalized or partially capitalized terms, such as: “THE ADMISSiONS”. Most of us understand we’re not perfect nor do we try to present ourselves as anything close to it. There’s a difference between being humble and being arrogant in how we present ourselves and our accomplishments. The latter will not yield anything productive. Surely someone with your claimed accomplishments wouldn’t stoop to insults or name calling because others don’t agree with you or because they’re not “sophisticated” enough. As a writer, I expected better and not terms of “nappy” or “ashy” to describe others in your attempts to prove your point. Given your claimed accomplishments and supposedly one of the best writers here, criticizing or pointing out your errors in your defenses is definitely now fair game. You have those accomplishments and are assuming others, especially those that disagree with you, are lesser than you and couldn’t possibly be more accomplished than you. Also, how many Jamaicans have you met? Surely you’ve met all of them because you seem quite comfortable generalize an entire population of people based on what? Limited personal experience? Gossip? Your comments about Jamaicans are offensive, ill informed, and just opinions that you want to pass off as solid unarguable facts. You’re upset at someone for attacking you and rightfully being annoyed with your generalizations. Surely, you’re not new to the internet. Not everyone, educated or not, can hold a conversation without trying to toss mud over hurt egos.

          3. There is another poster named “Run”, and you clearly have confused our posts.

            Now I understand why you have been attacking my grammar. Like anyone else, I make typos, but anyone who visits my profile and peruses my posts will find that my comments and arguments are well marshaled.

            You should erase your critique, because it does not apply to me.

            As I said, typos made within otherwise well-written posts are one thing, and we all commit that offense (especially when using smartphones to post). But you actually wrote that my grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation were poor, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

            I do not use words like “Ashy” and “Nappy” when I post.

            Figure out whom you are critiquing before you post. The college graduate with the nice pictures? Me!

            The other ghetto hoodlum named “Run”? THE OTHER GUY!!! You have my permission to attack him as you wish.

          4. I wish I could debate you face-to-face.

            While it is true that “Latino” from a purist standpoint denotes reference to cultural groups that fall under the Hispanic/Spanish diaspora (fwiw, I do realize that Spanish is a language), it has become acceptable to interchange “Hispanic” and “Latino”.

            Words and the meanings they take on change over time and with cultural acceptance.

            You are playing unnecessary semantics for the sake of debating me in an effort to prove that I am “not as bright as I think I am”.

            It doesn’t work, because I have a long history of accomplishment supporting my assertions. Accept it!

            Regardless of what you think of me, my posts or my looks, you cannot deny that my posts are much more cogent than those you normally find online.

            You understand every word, every sentence and every paragraph I type, and my arguments are well-positioned. That’s all I owe!

          5. thats so rude, we are all the same people im just saying there is a high variety of different skin color in JA

        2. this is not true i go to JA all the time there is EVERY RACE, asians are very common, me myself im a syrian jamaican but like i said JA is very mixed. 1 out of 4 people look mixed

        3. You talk too much. Exotic means plp from another country. blacks are from America so they would not be exotic to americans. Even if you are russian ,you would be considered exotic to americans bc you’re from another country although Russians are considered white as a race. That’s it, point blank.. My husband is black American, he’s not exotic, yes he’s light skin.

      2. I am Jamaican..I am dark skinned with type 4C hair.. and I have open been describes as exotic by Americans..therefore I agree with you because I do have recessive genes that are from the different races in my heritage…despite the fact that I am not light skinned. So I do not understand why some people are offended by Kevin when he is merely repeating what people are clearly describing his girlfriend as..he knows where they are coming from with some of these comments and a lot of them are because she is light skinned ..using the terms I hear in this forum

  6. “Exotic” is a pretty offensively dated description. This term implies that lightness, whiteness and European features are the norm, and anything that differs is oh so exotic. It plays into the fetishization of Black/non-white beauty. Hart’s girfriend looks like any other Black woman with relaxed/pressed hair, perhaps with an added nose job.

    Personally, idgaf.

    Being Jamaican doesn’t make her less Black. I have a mother that is lighter and “whiter” in appearance than most Black people, but she was born to two light skinned African Americans. Lighter skinned Black people do face discrimination and do often hail from the same heritage. Is my brother less Black than I am because he happened to be born with a lighter complexion?

    Colorism, racism, sexism ugh. However, he, and most Black men should ask themselves why they mostly date and have children with lighter skinned women than themselves. Introspection is needed. There is a reason why we make the choices that we do and it is often influenced by Euro-centric beauty ideals, racism and colorism–it affects us all.

  7. On another site, I found this interesting response to the question of whether African-Americans in general were considered to be “exotic”:

    *************Begin Quote***********

    “Yes! Not in America because America is one of the most racist countries and promotes the idea that Euro centric beauty is the standard and the goal for all ethnicities.

    But in many other countries, African Americans are viewed as exotic. I’ve been to Greece and Italy. In Italy, they love black women for sure! I had so many Italian guys hit on me.

    These Italian women kept complimenting me on my skin color and said my hair texture was beautiful. When I was in Greece, a lot of Greek guys were checking me out too.

    At first, I thought it was just because maybe they’re not used to seeing too many black people, then they kept staring and smiling and stuff lol.

    I’ve dated a guy from Kuwait who said he loved my dark skin and he doesn’t see a lot of dark skinned black girls. A lot of his Arabic friends would make comments like ‘Do you have a twin?’ lol

    I doubt Caucasians will think you’re exotic unless you’re biracial with blue or green eyes and curly hair. Caucasians are usually feeding the idea that Euro centric beauty is the best.”

    ****************End of Qoute*************

    My point here is that most people are working with a very limited definition of the word “exotic”, which is to say that they think it means “different” or “uniquely beautiful”.

    While this is certainly a component of the definition of the word, one must understand its roots to understand why people of color in general – especially members of the African diaspora/”Blacks” – are the definition of the word.

    To many Europeans, dark-skinned blacks like Lupita or Kevin Hart himself define the word.

    The word is also defined as “from a distant land” and “tropical”. It was coined in the 15th Century by the Portuguese, Dutch and English who spied on Sub-Sagaran (African) tribal rituals. At that time, they described potential African slaves as being exotic because of their dark skin, curvatious or lean, muscular bodies, strong bone structure, wooly hair, and long “members”.

    From a strictly American perspective, darker-skinned African-Americsns may not be considered by some to be exotic.

    However, African-Americans are very much considered to be exotic, even the darkest, brownest-eyed nappiest haired of the bunch.

    However, it is most important to understand that the word came into popular use when discussing black slaves. It doesn’t simply mean “different or uniquely beautiful”. It also means “tropical and/or from a distant land…not native”.

    By that definition, all blacks (all people of color, really) are exotic!

  8. Tyler Perry, and Ludacris have both chosen women who are “Black” but not African American. Their coins were earned from black women here in the states but when its time to marry, they marry as close to white as possible. They just kicked black women to the curb.

  9. Hmmmmmm.If Kevin Hart looked like Yours Truly-63 with boyish good looks-NOBODY WOULD CARE ABOUT HIM because Hollywood wouldn’t use him as a leading man!!!!!

  10. He said a mouthful in his statement above, “Hey, I messed up. This had nothing to do with you. I didn’t understand what marriage was. I cheated. I was wrong. Stupid lil mofawker shouldn’t have cheated!!! He cheated with the gold digging heaux he is married to now!!! She done got pregnant to make sure she gets some of his money!!!

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