It’s been nearly two weeks since the unbelievably controversial fight between Apollo Nida and Brandon DeShazer on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but since then the stars of the show have kept the fight on the tips of everyone’s tongues as they throw blame at each other for the brawl. However, this weekend, Kenya Moore took a break from throwing blame in her cast mate’s direction – at least for a moment – and spoke about how DeShazer has been doing since his beat down.

While fielding questions from her Twitter fans, Moore was asked if she was traumatized by the big brawl. Moore explained that it was DeShazer who was still dealing with the aftermath of the fight.



Well, clearly there’s not love lost between Moore, DeShazer and their cast mates. But this isn’t the first time a big fight has broken out on reality TV. Check out some other major brawls after the cut. – nicholas robinson


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