Kenya Moore’s ex, Matt Jordan, accuses her of staging Moore Manor blowup

Photo credit: Kenya Moore’s Instagram (@thekenyamoore)

Photo Credit: Instagram – @thekenyamoore

Ever since Kenya Moore joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta “ years ago, she’s been accused by many a cast mate, blogger and journalist of faking parts of her storyline to remain one of, if not the most, dramalicious cast mates on the show’s roster. And now new accusations have sprung up against the star and this time they’re from her ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan, who says Moore staged his now infamous tirade around Moore Manor.

As fans of the show remember, Jordan was filmed on camera for “RHOA” trashing Moore’s home, dubbed Moore Manor, during one of their more volatile falling outs. When it was all said and done, Moore called the cops after Jordan damaged her home’s glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and even her Range Rover.

However, in a recent interview, Jordan claimed that the scene was fake and that Moore asked him to damage her home as a way to keep her storyline dramatic.

“Miss Moore requested I do that and certain things to build her storyline,” Jordan said. “I never broke anything that wasn’t already planned to happen. It was agreed upon prior to it. It was per her decision to boost her storyline on the show.”

Jordan added, “I was convinced it would be a good idea to do. She got the police report to show she has a crazy boyfriend. That really hurt. I didn’t think she would go that far and do me like that.”

Indeed, Moore did file a police report against Jordan and according to the Sandy Springs Police Department Report, police said, “I asked Kenya about the suspect, she believed it was Matt Jordan. Jordan is an ex-boyfriend, they had been together for about a year and had broken up in the past week. Kenya believed the vandalism was related to the breakup.”

Despite Moore filing a police report against Jordan and Bravo cameras painting him as a monster, Jordan, for reasons unbeknownst to us, still says that he hopes to remain friends.

“We’re definitely over,” Jordan said. “I haven’t spoken to Miss Moore in a few weeks. I would like to be friends. We were together for two years. I didn’t date any other woman while I was with her. I would love to be friends and mend our friendship. Hopefully I’ll be around.”

At this point, we’re not sure why these two have been dealing with each other in dysfunction for so long, but we hope they both learn to leave the drama behind and leave each other alone, as well.


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  • nosey rosy
    December 11, 2016

    RHOA has alway stage shit like nene and kim friendship .todd moma fighting kandy moma til one die 3 . porsha and kenya fight staged big time . so its all an act regardless.
    kenya is an actress kim field an actress hired to make scenes look real … nene made her career of acting like a big bully ITS ALL ACTING phedra lied on apollo and staged a divorce and helped send her man to prison all for ratings/ she was doing dirt and her law friend helped her escape criminal action appollo didnt rat so she could keep her kids .. she is a crook and BRAVO uses her.. she will be caught

    • Public_Programming
      December 13, 2016

      Wow.. That’s like selling your soul for ratings. Not that I don’t believe they would do it, but damn. There’s no way Phaedra could not have known what her man was up to- nobody with good sense believes that and it seems real fishy she’d be so pressed to divorce this man after knowing about his criminal activities. Sounds real fishy.

  • Public_Programming
    December 13, 2016

    Okay this quote, “At this point, we’re not sure why these two have been dealing with each other in dysfunction for so long… as well.” —- Even if they weren’t on television together, these two are a match made in Heaven. She is bat sh** crazy and he seems to be the only one that can match the craziness. Even if the tantrum was staged, I totally believe she knows how to push this man’s buttons, torment him beyond belief and in his words, “talk to him like a farm animal” to the point he couldn’t take it. No way a woman of her beauty and connections should be dating a man that age unless he is rich or in the business. Other than that he’s a boy toy- turned out by the older woman’s sex game. Posting that tired picture of her and Jay Z was disrespectful and he’s the type of dude that will hurt her so the best thing to do was for him to leave. It’s obvious no one in the entertainment world wants to date her due to her drama and pysch issues.

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