Jamarius Devonti Graham

Jamarius Devonti Graham (Photo Credit: Duval County DOC)

Jamarius Devonti Graham, 21, of Jacksonville, Florida, was babysitting his girlfriend’s daughter. While mom was at work, things turned tragic on April 21, 2016.

Graham admits he beat Aaliyah Lewis, 2, with a plastic coat hanger and a belt after she accidentally wet his bed. He reportedly spanked her 20 times with the belt, according to reports, from head to toe, and struck her with the hanger until it broke.

Aaliyah was dead on arrival at UF Health Jacksonville. The couple waited 90 minutes after Aaliyah exhibited breathing problems to seek help; the toddler was crying in a Facetime video to her mother, but her boyfriend assured her he didn’t take things too far. And mom was afraid she’d be in trouble with Child Protective Services, so she waited. Jacksonville.com reports the medical director for the Duval County Child Protection Team reviewed the medical files and concluded Lewis died from a combination of physical injury and neglect, according to a Florida Department of Children and Families report.

Aaliyah Lewis

Aaliyah Lewis

Jacksonville’s Medical Examiner’s Office could not determine the cause of death; however, an autopsy revealed multiple traumatic injuries to her head, torso and extremities, as well as fluid and swelling to the lungs and brain.

According to the State’s Attorney Office, “The aggravated child abuse charge against Graham carries with it a 30-year maximum and reflects the findings of the Medical Examiner’s Office, which indicated the cause and manner of death could not be determined.”

Graham’s sentencing is scheduled for April 17, 2017. No charges have been filed against Aaliyah’s mother.

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  • Chuck

    I hope this punk gets red and beaten to death, while in jail. The mom needs her arse beaten, too. This is what happens when these no good men make babies and don’t stay with the moms.

    • K.J.M

      You are right and sometimes the biological punk dads aren’t any better..

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  • ceeceebaker

    Mercy me, this is what 2 year old babies do, they are not always fully trained at that age. This was not his child, so he did not care. Why do women feel they always have to have a man in their life. This baby was only 2 years old and she already moved on from her father. She should be locked up for being stupid.

    • K.J.M

      This is true..mom’s for some dumb reason always think they need a stupid man..in their lives.
      But to what extent is it worth endangering your child life..most of this fuckers..didn’t have a good up bringing themselves and act as though they were raised by wild wolves..but then again even animals do better then humans at times.
      This has got to stop.

  • K.J.M

    Hello people…I am sorry but I have said this many times….
    I am going to say it again…
    STOP BEING SO DESPERATE TO WORK, by allowing these stupid men or women to take care of your children.
    You are responsible for the well being of their safety from abuse, in any form.
    Get help from someone you really can trust!!
    In not trying to be funny but that creature abuser looked crazy in the mug shot..that should have said more and spoke VOLUMES.
    I KNOW YOU ALL need or want to work and be a non statistical being on welfare.
    But sometimes through the choices we make..it simply comes with the territory.
    Keep your Kids safer..
    Stop being so trusting…
    Put your kids first!

  • SpiceGirl

    awww you poor baby….May you rest easy baby girl

  • LuckyGem43

    Moma needs to go to jail right behind him—your first duty should be to protect your child. I hope he gets his a*s beaten everyday in jail–this little girl did not deserve that. Mothers have got to stop leaving their kids with just anybody. This guy may have even sexually assaulted this child–so sad.

  • Metoo2

    The mom need to be locked up as well. She put her child in harms way.

  • Barbara Miller

    I’m a mother of two and there’s no need in expressing how I feel about this. I think most mothers would share my thoughts and feelings but needless to say it would be right down criminal if this child’s mother isn’t charged !!!

  • Jessyelena Williams


  • guest

    Some of the Islamic countries we look down on for being primitive when it comes to punishment have it right. This evil animal should be dragged out in the street and stoned to death.

  • Chris Mason

    He killed that cute little baby? Someone needs to take care of dude.

  • Tee

    Crying. Why? Why not just give her up for adoption or give her to a loving relative or friend? It seems like there was a history of abusing the little girl. The Mom should have charges brought against her too. Waiting over a hour while your daughter drowns in fluid in her lungs gasping for air. These punks called parents don’t deserve life. Makes me sick to my stomach that little people have to endure torture like this. Such a shame. Rest in peace baby girl.

  • Had Enough

    Black family values, smdh.

    Ever notice how the snake-haired variety tends to be the most impulsive and feral of them all?

  • SweetT

    Poor little beautiful Aaliyah. May she Rest In Peace.

    May her killer and her mother no longer have another moment of peace as long as they live.