Ehimen Inegbedion shares his vision for the new city of South Fulton

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On May 1, Unicorporated South Fulton will become its own city. In November, the residents of South Fulton voted on the measure that ends Atlanta’s westward expansion. As a result, the city is holding a special election on March 21.

Ehimen “E” Inegbedion, who aims to become councilman of District 1, recently shared his vision of a new South Fulton.

Why did the residents of South Fulton decide that it was best for it to become its own city?

It started mid-2007 because many people where concerned that their tax dollars were not being used properly and that there was no development on the South Side of town because we were not a city. For years the residents of unicorporated South Fulton had been paying into a reserve fund or pool that was collected by Fulton County, but we could not access those dollars for our benefit since we were not a city. The passing of this measure allows us this opportunity to collect these funds and also develop our city as we see fit.

How would you like to help with the economic development in South Fulton?

I am a native Atlantan, it is well known that Atlanta has been the mecca for Black America. We have produced some of the most prominent political leaders, entrepreneurs and entertainers globally.  But there hasn’t been any sustainable economic development in the area especially around the Cascade Road area, which is my opinion is unacceptable. I’ve traveled all over the world, and established business relationships with countries such as China, Canada, West Africa and many parts of Europe. My platform is to address the diversity problem in Silicon Valley by incorporating a Business District that will have focus in IT, Banking and Finance. We will attract great dining, shopping and entertainment businesses to expand their services in our area.

What are thoughts on education in that area?

I’m a graduate of Therrell High School and at that time we joked that our experience was similar to the movie Lean on Me. I was able to take that experience through hard work and determination to obtain a Bachelors from GA State in Economics and an MBA in International Business. We need to take a common sense approach to education. A lot of teachers have to be the parent, teacher, and counselor. They spend so much time disciplining kids instead of teaching which hurt the kids that are actually trying to learn. We have to come together as a community, if the child is not receiving the proper information at home we will work with non-profits agencies that can fill that gap between the home and school. Like the old adage says, “It takes a village.”

South Fulton has made the news lately due to crime. What measures do you want to implement to reduce crime?

Most of the kids doing the crimes are not residence of South Fulton. They’re coming from other areas.  We will ensure this new city will have a strong public safety plan by working with both public safety officials and the community. Our plan emphasizes community policing in addition to supporting the Mayor by adding more officers citywide and establishing new Police Precincts.

How can the people of South Fulton reach you to find out more?

Our office is at 3800 Camp Creek Parkway, Building1800 Suite 100. I can be reached at 404-990-0939, @E4ehimen on social media, email us [email protected]. Whether win or lose, this election is very important. The leadership starts with us because it lays the foundation for the new city of South Fulton.


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

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