Your Mr. Right could be just a click away with online dating

 Photo credit: Darrin Henry /

Photo credit: Darrin Henry /

Over the last 10 years, online dating has gone from being something we assumed was reserved for the socially awkward to being a vital part of dating culture. In 2017, online dating is quite possibly one of the most popular if not the most ideal way to meet people if you are looking for a relationship. Sites like, e-Harmony and PlentyOfFish have databases with millions and the testimonials to prove their success.

With people spending in excess of 16 hours plus attached to their smartphones per day, it’s no wonder that dating apps would supersede meeting someone at the local grocery store or gas station. Sidney, a 40-year-old hairstylist in Atlanta says before getting engaged most of her dates and relationships were from people she met online. “I was hesitant at first but I had so many clients that would tell me they found their boyfriend or even husband online that finally I had to try it,” she shares. Although she grew up with her fiancée and reconnected with him later in life, Sidney says she has several clients that tell her about some of the great guys they meet online. “I kept hearing good things so I tried it myself. I have to admit I met some really good men. Men that I never would’ve met normally because I own a women’s hair salon. My day consists of going to work and then usually going home in the evenings because I’m too tired to go try to meet someone. I don’t really do clubs or lounges that often, so it would’ve been difficult for me to meet someone new.”

Like Sidney, many women are seeing that they live very independent lives and are unable to meet men outside of the workplace unless they utilize online dating services. Shelle works in a doctor’s office and doesn’t meet many eligible men. “It’s not like men are just walking by my office looking to meet women, so because my work environment doesn’t offer social interaction I really wasn’t meeting anyone. My daily routine includes going to the gym by my house and work but I rarely get out of my area. Dating online allows me to meet men that I wouldn’t run into in my day-to-day routine,” she says. Shelle is actively dating two guys that she met on

For anyone who hasn’t gotten the memo, the dating scene has changed dramatically. Anyone waiting to meet their Prince Charming in the fruits and veggies section of the grocery store is probably going to come up short. By the same token, many men aren’t looking for love when they go to the nightclub or happy hour spot after a long day. Dating apps are no longer the wave of the future, instead, they are the most effective form of dating presently.

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  • nosey rosy
    March 20, 2017

    1 . ITS a haven for ex cons exiting prison
    2. men married and living with a female and still on line seeking
    3. men WHO want sex on the first date or you want hear back 99 percent of the time
    4. bad idea to go to dinner movie , or anywhere meet them a few minutes check him out , ask him to call you tommorow if he dont RUN… IF HE CALLS 2ND DATE no promises there are clingy convict mind who have nothing but want you for what ever he can get ….
    5 .99.1 percent are ineligable for you . you have to look for about a year to find just one
    6. black men are real dark and over sexed and rarely will want to pay for dinner
    7. you need to meet them inside a building cause some women have been raped , and killed even by convicts on line poseing as a date
    8l. never invite no one to your house BAD IDEA , if you do your oviousl desperate , the majority prey on your type , you may end up robbed and left for dead be smart
    9. if he has a wife or gf he will not call you back ever IF HE EVEN CALLS YOU ONCE ITS A BOOTY CALL . BE SMART.
    10. if he is single no kids , he is a ho , he is only in it for fun.. they feel they are a commodity
    run!! or play it smart , dont call him let him call you . period
    11. moma boys hang on line a lot because they know ,, its harder to pick up that personality and he feels he can fool you before you catch it . before you know it you want laugh at him
    YOU CANT CHANGE NO BODY , IF YOU MAKE IT TO A 2ND DATE , DONT THINK HES YOUR MAN, IT TAKES ABOUT 7 MONTHS TO KNOW IF YOU GOT A MAN . . you may have some babymoma drama ,, temp job skipping . no job … no place to live . … no money ever . …. begging … lieing … convict who will never tell you he been in prison or jail til he has d..ick whipped your mind and your bank

  • datememe
    March 21, 2017 is our favourite because it’s actually free with real people!

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