Steve Harvey talks with Ibn Ali Miller, man who broke up viral teen fight

You probably saw a recent viral video of two teen boys fighting in the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Within just two days of its release, the video had more than 28 million views, capturing the attention of national news outlets and celebrities like LeBron James and Snoop Dogg. The reason the footage made headlines, is because of how the fight was broken up. Ibn Ali Miller is the man who intervened. Not only did he give the spectators a serious talking to for watching and laughing, he actually got the two fighters to shake hands and call a truce. So what caused this fight, what’s happened since and what lessons were learned? In a daytime exclusive interview, Harvey talks with the two boys at the center of the fight, Jamar and Sheldon, as well as Ibn Ali Miller, who Steve will honor as a “Harvey’s Hero.” You won’t want to miss this truly inspirational story.
Ibn Ali Miller has been approached by several different news outlets to do interviews and he has said no to most of them. “I’m not a TV guy. This is not for me,” Miller tells Steve Harvey. “I did you because of what you do off camera – because you care about young black men in America,” he continued.
Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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  2. This guy made a real difference for these two young men. He made them stop and think. The world needs less demonstrating and rioting and more person-to-person change like this!

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