Woman beaten, robbed after going on date with man she met on Instagram

Photo credit: KTLA

Dating on social media is becoming a societal norm for millennials. The act of “sliding into the DM (direct message)” on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook has allowed millennials to have a larger dating pool than what was available to previous generations.

However, there can be some negative aspects when it comes to dating on social media. A Los Angeles-based woman found out the hard way. According to KTLA, India Ali, 32, began communicating with James Baker, 27, through direct messages on Instagram. Ali found Baker attractive and was drawn to his pictures and videos on Instagram. The two eventually agreed to go out on a date.

During the date, which occurred in 2016, Ali and Baker went to eat and drink at a bar. The night seemed to be going well as Ali posted videos and pics of the date on Instagram. However, Ali doesn’t remember what occurred after leaving the bar.

The next day, Ali woke up at the Westin hotel near LAX, lying in a pool of vomit. Blood was scattered everywhere and her clothes were all over the room. When she looked into the mirror, her eyes were swollen shut and bruises covered her face. She also realized her car keys and cellphone were missing.

Ali was able to call 911 and was rushed to the hospital. Her brain had started to swell due to the blows to her head. When police used the Find My iPhone app, they found Baker in Ali’s car at another hotel near LAX.

Baker was arrested and found guilty of felony assault and theft.

Ali hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of dating on social media.

Baker will be sentenced on June 5.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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  1. basically women should be careful meeting that dream cutie off line, you gotta be stupid to go out on a date and not let your family or friends be a back up .. you need to checkin with them ever 30 min and
    never ever!! get in a car with a man you just met , make sure you meet someone he knows before going anywhere , make sure you get a full name ,and address , if he dont want to give it let him go on … its not worth it this young ethiopian looks like girl was , careless by going to a motel at all with him . . booty calls are risk of life now days . some crack heads pry on on line females … women are so nieve the ones who do frequent , ,and those are the same females who did a lot of booty calls back before dating got busy on line …….. these same females and males , dont check on nobody … just risk it . . and some have kids too

  2. All technology is not good technology. Some things need to be done the old fashioned way…like dating. What ever happened to dating someone you have known all your life from school, church, etc.?

  3. Mr. Baker needs his teeth kicked in/out and sideways. I don’t care how they met – no one deserves to be beaten like this. I hope Ms. India isn’t permanently damaged physically from this experience. On the mental side – I hope Black men are able to restore her faith that all Black men are not lowlifes posing on Instagram. By the way – Mr. Baker is an alleged criminal with prior convictions and was on bail when he was arrested for this assault. I don’t know all the details of what happened in that hotel room, but I know Mr. Baker deserves the same or worse. It’s only fair.

    1. “Mr. Baker needs his teeth kicked in/out and sideways. I don’t care how they met – no one deserves to be beaten like this.”

      I don’t think anyone feels otherwise. It’s just that Mr. Baker is not the only psychopath out there. No one deserves this, but it will happen to more women if they continue to be so trusting of people they meet on the internet.

      1. Story came out that she was tricking and when he went to bed she cracked him in the head with a bottle out his sleep because she didnt get the $$ she asked for then he beat her ass..her words was “I don’t fck for free..but he didn’t have to do me like that” and yes she admitted to hitting him with a bottle as he slept

  4. There is a degree of caution all women should use with any new male they meet regardless of the platform they meet on… Grocery store, club, date site or social media… There are nuts every where… no meeting platform is void of them.

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