Multnomah County Jail

Another White male terrorist has attacked in America. The latest incident occurred on public transportation in Portland, Oregon on May 26.

According to KOIN 6, Jeremy Christian, a self-proclaimed White supremacist, entered the MAX public train and began yelling anti-Muslim slurs. He soon turned his attention to a woman wearing a hijab and aimed the racial slurs at her. May 26 happened to be the first day of the Muslim holy-month, Ramadan. Christian threatened and yelled at the Muslim woman to get off the bus.

In an attempt to stop Christian, two men approached him. Christian attacked the men by slashing their throats. One man died on site, the other died after being rushed to a hospital.

Christian has a history of embracing racist ideologies and it was only a matter a time before he would be involved in racial terrorism. He would attend White supremacist rallies and was once photographed giving the Nazi salute.

But Christian was also a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He referred to Trump as “the Next Hitler” and would often carry signs with Trump’s political moniker, “Make America Great Again.”

Christian is another example of how Trump’s racial rhetoric has put Americans in danger. His hate speech has caused racist Whites to gain a new sense of confidence when attacking minorities. Racism, just like joining ISIS, should be considered a crime in America.

On May 20, Richard Collins III visited two friends who attended the University of Maryland. According to Baltimore Sun, Collins and his two friends were waiting for an Uber when they were approached by Sean Urbanski, 22. When Urbanski walked by he allegedly yelled, “Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you!” Collins told Urbanski, “no.” Apparently frustrated that a Black person would not comply with his order, Urbanski turned violent. Urbanski stabbed Collins in the chest.  Collins was rushed to a local hospital, but he was later pronounced dead.

In Houston on May 2, James Scott Lee, 32, began yelling racial slurs at a Black man while holding a knife. Lee yelled, “I hate n—s, and I’m going to kill me one today!” Lee chased his Black victim with the knife and brass knuckles. The Black man eventually escaped by jumping into a car and locking the door.

On March 20, James Harris Jackson traveled to New York for the purpose of killing Black people. He approached Timothy Caughman, 66,  around 11 p.m. and stabbed him several times. Caughman was able to walk to a police precinct, but he eventually died from the stab wounds. One day following the attack, Jackson walked into a police precinct near Times Square and told authorities that he committed the murder.

Christian was charged with two counts of aggravated murder, two counts of second-degree intimidation and one count each of aggravated murder and being a felon in possession of a restricted firearm. He has yet to be charged with a hate crime.

A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  • Oak510finest

    If this isn’t, yet another example of the true terrorist in this country, then I don’t know what is. White males have caused more terror and bloodshed in America , than any middle eastern or so-called muslim terrorist. This is without debate!

    It is now time, for the white men and women in power. To be brave and purge these cancers from their ranks. Again the time is now!

    So stop wasting time and no more made up allegations, or smoke screens. Blaming black people, mexican people or middle eastern for the countries crime, terrorism or ills. You know who the problem is and now is your chance to solve it.

    • Damien

      Racist piece of garbage. You are calling for a purge based on color, you get that right? The murderer in this article is crazy, what’s your excuse? Let’s just target people based on the color of their skin and “purge” them…. The complete idiocy of your hate filled comment let’s everyone know who you are.

      The murderer was a Bernie Sanders supporter that posed as a “right wing nut job” by the way. Don’t believe me, Google it.

      • Oak510finest

        His political affiliation is meaningless. He still committed an act of terrorism.

        What would your suggestion be then, to stop these acts that are occurring almost daily?

        • Damien

          Clearly rounding up the white supremacists and purging them is the answer. I mean it’s only the white people that are racist and commit hate crimes. Retard reasoning for the win!!

          • Oak510finest

            Glad to hear you agree…albeit reluctantly! As you stated white people are the only racist who commit hate crime and have done so for decades. Something needs to be done as this behavior has never changed. Denying the obvious does not help.

          • Damien

            Lol, and only black people commit crimes, and only Muslims blow people up, and only Mexicans come to America illegally, and only Asian drivers cause car accidents. Let’s round them up! I fully support Oak510finest’s targeting of races to be purged!

          • Oak510finest

            I think your last post shows the issue, I mentioned in my previous post. There is somehow always an excuse to blame others, so as to excuse white terrorism. While at the same time, reluctantly offering a solution to prevent or address it.

            With Mexicans coming to America illegally. There are agencies dedicated at preventing that. Including the recent proposal to build a new wall.

            Although crime is down nationwide for blacks and blacks per capita commit less crime than whites per capita. There is still mass incarceration of blacks, including unfair sentencing for compariable crimes. There is even talk of bringing back the unconstitutional” stop and frisk” policing.

            For Asian drivers, there has been rumbling for years regarding insurance companies charging different rates based on race or gender.

            As you see there has always been an initiative in place. Whether past or present to address a group of people’s so-called bad behavior!

            However as you also see…conveniently missing from my post. Is the proposal or initiative to prevent or address white terrorism.

            I am sure you would agree, that one is long overdue and surely needed for the continued safety of both your family and friends.

      • unsean

        You’re also a liar. The murderer was a Bernie Sanders supporter!? Were you born yesterday?

        Trump–and people like him are a tumor on the body politic of this country and you’re apparently part of the problem.

        • Damien

          Yup, you are right, I’m the liar… I understand the hate you must have for Trump, but maybe you should open your hate filled racist eyes. I know Google is hard to use so I’ll help you.

          • unsean

            Wow! I gave you too much credit. At least a liar would understand the idea of confirmation bias, by which I mean you don’t exclusively trade in information sources that confirm your biases and way of thinking

            The Gateway Pundit is a right wing web site.

            Try again.

          • Damien

            The hypocrisy in your comment is almost incomprehensible, almost. Look up the suspects, I repeat the suspects, internet comments. FFS GOOGLE….. or maybe you really are unable to look past your prejudice, is that it?
            Ok I’ll help you again I guess.

            You need more? Cause there’s alot more…

          • unsean

            Once again, you cannot be as dumb as you seem. The Gateway Pundit: Right wing website. The IndependentSentinel? Right wing website. The Daily Caller? Guess.

            By the way, Christian didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders. In fact, he didn’t vote for anyone. I know that puts a crimp in your narrative, but sometimes that’s the way things go.

          • SmartAss??‍♂️

            If this were a college level class he would definitely get an F for not using reputable sources. Lol

          • unsean

            It’s less about how reputable his sources are than their entire purpose is to support Damien’s less than honest viewpoint. They enable him to cling to his beliefs, no matter how mistaken because they’re as wrong as he is.

          • SmartAss??‍♂️

            For me it is about sources. I wouldn’t trust information that comes from a blog. Bloggers aren’t journalists,

          • unsean

            Ten years ago I might agree with you. These days? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on the quality of information.

          • SmartAss??‍♂️

            I stand by my statement. 85% of these bloggers grab information from social media.

          • unsean

            I’m not disagreeing, only saying that whether or not they’re bloggers isn’t as important as the relevance and truthfulness of their information.

          • SmartAss??‍♂️

            Again, I stand by my statement. Blogs are not considered credible sources.

          • Lesley Private

            Both of you are right. In college, a blog is not a credible source (depending on what kind of paper you are writing) but as a general rule, blogs and wikipedia are just best to stay away from. But once again, there are some good and honest bloggers. Also, reporters from huge publications who are writing anything but true facts.

          • Lesley Private

            The fact that this guy was a Bernie supporter did come from social media- from the guy’s own accounts. I doubt he lied on himself. I agree with unsean. Journalism has changed. These days we have some very honest bloggers while reporters at major news publications keep getting caught making things up or better stated, writing their own personal opinions as news. It’s hard to wade through.

        • Lesley Private

          The guy’s facebook and social media accounts outed him as a Bernie supporter. He didn’t support Trump at all- hated him in fact.

    • david

      You are a piece of trash.

      • Oak510finest

        You must be a white terrorist!!

      • Oak510finest

        You must be a white terrorist!!

    • Failed State

      >White males have caused more terror and bloodshed in America, than any middle eastern or so-called muslim terrorist. This is without debate!

      Not per capita, dumb ass.

      Also, this guy in the article voted for Sanders.

      The problem with America is idiots. You’re one of them.

      • Oak510finest

        @Failed State I don’t care who he voted for or what political party he belongs to. Because they are both rest havens for white supremacist terrorist.

        You calling me names does not prevent these white supremacist terrorist from committing their daily acts of violence.

        What would be your suggestion then to stop these unpatriotic white territorist??

  • Lars Olsen

    Of course the article fails to mention his Facebook profile was full of anti Trump and Hillary posts and that he was a huge fan of Bernie Sanders. Because that would go against the narrative. This is garbage journalism.

  • Damien

    Wow, another poorly researched article spewing Trump hate. I guess if the facts don’t support your narrative Shaw then just ignore them huh? Are you going to now retract your story and give an apology to Trump and his supporters? No, I’m sure you are way to proud to do that. Just keep diminishing the already eroded trust that people have in the “news”.

    • unsean

      Why would anyone apologize to either Trump or his supporters? Trump has throughout his campaign stoked peoples’ fears and doubts, so that for many just being not white (or not Christian) is somehow a crime.

      And people are acting on it. All over the country people are afraid and under assault by those who blame them for what ails the United States, though if they were really interested–or cared–all Trump and his sycophants have to do is to look in the mirror.


    I’ve been reading the comments, you ppl need to pray ? and quickly!

  • britishrose

    we have terrist right on american soil and has since 1700s when slaves were bought here it wast the terristitic slave owners who terrroris black families killing even children hanging fathers so racism is terrist act george zimmerman committed a terrist act yet they called it watch man duty? just to be able to defend his rights , im tired of whites making new laws when a black is killed , so many registered gun owners but they know with that gun comes hat act and you best believe white are real careful not to aim that gun at an innocent black ,for fear of retalliation . cops who kill move to a new city and change idenity for the whole family name and all , until all the uproar wears down , and the victim is no longer a hot topic .. many years later they move back home . resuming life with no kind of punishment perfectly like the slave owner who killed their slaves ,or the white bandits who killed blacks for no reason through out the century .. its sad we think that there should or could be no punishment for hundreds of racism who , will kill if they can . and some have already remember aflred wright from texas . .. balls cut and drug to death 5 miles from where james bird was killed and no body has stood trial for his killing . because the sheriff in that smaall town set him up . alfred was marreied to a white chick , he had had some legal issues in new york and moved his white family to texas , 2 sons and a white wife .. he was a ladys man , and was seeing the sheriff niece on the side . they killed him while on the way to work , his truck broke down ,he calledh his parents from a small store and he was found dead 4 days later because the sheriff called off the search parties in 24 hours , for no reason . . his family was left devastated , his wife hurt, beccause she was always warning him to stay safe and watch out . he was a visiting nurse to folks home . not a good job for a brother in east texas at nite ..
    they tried to say a black man killed him he was selling dope for , alred family said he was no drug dealer . the black panther rallied down ther several times 3 year and no answer about his killing . yet . case was closed cause the only people who knew how he died was the dam sheriff . go to YOU TUBE FOR THE STGORY.

    • Lesley Private

      George Zimmerman is Hispanic. You are an uneducated racist. On top of being full of nothing but lots of ignorance, your grammar is awful. Your writing rambles, and is hard to read. If you want to ever be taken seriously using any written communication, you should invest in a good word-processing program with a grammar and spell check, and learn how to use it.

  • Bill

    He was a Sanders and Stein supporter He hated Clinton and Trump Clinton more than Trump though. Take a look at the FBI’s crime stats more whites are murdered by blacks than vice versa in fact more blacks are murdered by blacks than all the other races combined. But hey lets cherry pick our facts.

  • Jon Sellers

    “Trump supporter kills 2”?!?

    This J. Christian Bernie Bro literally called for the murder of every Trump voter…

    You weird bloodthirsty Isis supporting Griffin type ass-hats, are dangerous mentally ill liars.

    And should be held accountable for your choices. Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, and all their rabble-rousers (think A.R. Shaw) should be tried for these two and every other murder they have caused, like just like Tom Metzger was.

  • James Hercules Jarritson

    he was a bernie supporter

  • Sir Dirty Harry

    Well there are nutballs on both sides of the aisle. No one ever said that Republicans were perfect. At least he didn’t go after Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer.

  • G man

    I bet you feel like the retard that you are now, eh? LoL! This dude was a Bernie Bro.