Paul Walker of ‘Fast & Furious 6′; his ex-girlfriends and lovers

Sun., Dec. 1, 2013 6:15 AM EDT
by Ruthie Hawkins

paul walker and rebecca mcbrain

Rebecca McBrain: Dated Walker in 1998, and had a child with him, Meadow Rain in 1999. The relationship ended soon after. Meadow resides with her mother in Southern California.

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  • Paul fan

    Just curious. how do you know Jasmine dumped him and not the other wayaround? what was her reason? I’ve heard from someone close to him that it was the other way around.

    • devilschild

      Would you stay with someone who was cheating on you?

  • Andy Livingston

    He also dated my BFF Irene Bixby she was a super model but kept herself under the radar for 8 years

  • Papi

    SERIOUS irony with the Fast & Furious star dying like that. And 3:30 in the afternoon ??!? Yikes…
    R.I.P. dude …. and condolences from all of us here in NYC.

    • Guest


  • Mina Lewis

    Its funny how virtual no ones claim to know so much about a person once they are gone. I have read so many conflicting stories that if it wasn’t sad situation – it would be laughable how attention seeking people can be.

    • Andy Livingston

      Alot of people knew Irene and Paul dated in Santa Barbara but she has a career now and didn’t want people to think that he is the reason she got to the top. I know that there was a super huge fight about jasmine when she first found out about them because when paul was dating irene on and off jasmine was like 15. Irene is only 8 years younger and met him when she was 19. Jasmine isn’t the only one who was hurting because he wasn’t the most faithful especially when it came to my friend.

  • ILovedPaul77

    Is that the right Rebecca McBrain in the picture? I know there has been some confusion because apparently there is another famous Rebecca McBrain who is the current wife of a drummer in a rock band.

    • Ally

      It’s the same Rebecca

  • Andy Livingston

    This is her. She had the longest relationship with him.

    • Laugh

      I’m sure that if she is mourning by herself and wanted to keep quiet she would let her bff be blabbing all over the net.

      • Irene Frances

        I agree “Andy Livingston”- a name I do not know but thank you bc now I have over 400 friend requests and when I figure out who you are and if you do know me- as you say you do- then you know my wrath. Btw I had to create another Fb page so thanks ahole. I’ve asked this site to take ur comments down after hours of sending in my Identification

        • VeganMom32

          lol so you basically made a profile with your picture just to make a comment bringing more attention that you claim you do not want. lmao people are weirdos. Who cares who the guy slept with he had dreamy eyes and where he put his penis really doesn’t matter because none of you really matter anyways

          • Irene Frances

            I work in the entertainment industry as a CPA and I am very respected. This has been happening for years. He’s just a person and quite frankly it’s very inappropriate for ppl to put me on google and sites and have my family and fiancé be harassed. He was a good friend. Not just someone who stuck his penis inside me- Great choice of words btw- take care of your child vegas mom as I will mourn for Meadow and my own child as well. I was setting the record straight. If I wanted it to be out- it would have happened long ago. Also as a mother, calling people names is not a good lesson for your child. You lack humility and the person who blasted me on this site does as well when I have to steal my own pic back.

          • VeganMom32

            either way by responding to ignorance you just bring more attention to yourself. I really don’t care to be honest it’s just an observation. Now with you responding you will get even more attention. Oh well Rest In Peace Paul and for you setting the record straight that really didn’t need to be done. No need for any record to be set straight when Paul has gone to a better place. I wouldn’t want my name attached to a man with beautiful eyes that has a fixation for pubescent girls. Well take care and good luck on your journey called Setting The Record Straight.

          • VeganMom32

            I lack humility? Well you lack common sense. And worry not about my child she is asleep and has a mommy that doesn’t allow her to use the internet and also keeps her away from 33 year old hollywood stars. This is 2013 you should know how the internet works but I forget you are a blond so you get a pass. Good Day and get tougher skin and move the hell on. Any picture you have ever posted on the internet is easily accessible even when it’s deleted so if you want privacy and don’t want any one to steal your picture then don’t post it. THE END :) Peace and Love

          • devilia

            You’re a ho…

          • SJ-CA

            Irene,I don’t know why you felt the need to address this on here.You are giving attention to those you claim to denounce.If you don’t want your photos being distributed on the internet and the “400 friend requests” then please adjust your privacy settings on social networks.This should definitely help curb your invasion of privacy.

            As for the other posters on here,I know the general consensus is that Paul only dated young(er) women but there was in fact a time when he went after a woman who was a few years older than him.She is a one-time actress that worked under Sandy Gallin.Unfortunately it just never really went anywhere.

            How Julia Gosnell and her husband willfully allowed their 16 year old daughter to date a 33 year old is one of the most bewildering occurrences ever.I have dated older guys and was way above the legal age yet my folks still disapproved of these relationships.

          • Ellen

            She is the person who is supposedly posting these comments up. She’s been doing it for years in the Paul Walker forum http://www.topix.com/forum/movies/thriller/T55V3TL4S4SCSBMTI/p7

            She goes by the name marissa on there blasting rumors about herself then comes in like this and set the record straight. Honestly, why would anyone stalk her to the point they know everything about her? She would go on that forum and admit things were somewhat true then beg everyone to stop sending her messages on myspace. She said she has nothing to hide so why make her profile private? Lousy excuse for attention in my opinion.

          • Irene Frances

            https://myspace.com/cimmy1981 this is marissa- the stalker named above. FYI

          • Ib2014

            Hi Vegas mom, this is the real ib.. First I never dated him.. I simply had breakfast with him at his fav spot where I use to go. He sat next to me. I apologize for any rude comments that has been made towards you. We have never dated and someone took a pic and ran with it. I’m sorry for the loss of life and his child. As a mother-I’m sorry 391

  • Ana Maria

    O God!!!! The picture of Rebecca McBrain is WRONG! The woman in the picture IS Rebecca McBrain, but no MEADOW’s mother, but THE WIFE OF NICKO MCBRAIN. This is a stupid mistake, also because in the picture that you put was also Nocki, but you cut him off ! http://www.clickandrock.com/nicko-mcbrain-iron-maiden-violencia-de-genero/

    • ashlee

      It’s the same rebecca mcbrain! She was with Paul before getting with Nicko.

  • Ib2014

    To all who is I here, I’m am the real IB. I had lunch with him once at a breakfast bar and never had a relationship. I sad for the loss of the life and his child. The girl who has been putting info out there through my own IT guys is https://myspace.com/cimmy1981 I’ve tried to correct this for years. I’m not a CPA. I am however related to the industry: I don’t know why ppl do this but I’m doing this for my own relationship with my current fiancé. I’m sad for the loss and his child.

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