10. Keri Hilson-$20 Million

Singing and songwriting has paid off for this Georgia peach.

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  • Creole Diva

    Mariah Carey is the wealthiest R&B singer. From mostly music she only started doing other things in 2006.

  • Biff

    yall forgot about Ashanti $40 million

  • Amanda Mandypoo Outlaw

    What about Michael Jackson?! Y’all wrong for not including him in it, even if he’s dead.

  • Antonio

    Whitney only $20… Show me the receipts lol. Whitney has hold over 175 million records WW and starred in hit movies, most accurate sources have her net worth around $145 million. Rihanna’s is worth around $120 mil now, Bey around $425 mil, Mariah near $550 mil, Ashanti is worth around $45 mil and Brandy is worth about $65 mil. Ciara is worth about $20 mil, so is Monica

    • the truth

      No Monica is worth 15 million and Brandy is worth 12 million

      • Antonio

        Brandy = 40 mil records, hit films like Cinderella, Double Platinum, Temptation and ISKWYDLS, 2 hit TV shows (Moesha and The Game), don’t forget she’s also appeared on several episodes of Drop Dead Diva and 90210 and he hosted 2 seasons of America’s Got Talent, plus several endorsements throughout her career, that adds up to a good $50-60 mil, not $12 mil boo and Monica hasn’t did no where near the amount of things Brandy has so I know she’s not worth more than her

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