kobe bryant

There was a time when sneakers that retailed at $100 were considered expensive. However, compared to Kobe Bryant’s new Nike sneaker, $100 for a shoe is mere chump change. The Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin DB9 will retail at a whopping $700.

Set to be released in the spring, the Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin will come with an Aston Martin jacket and feature the Aston Martin logo on the shoe. Nike and Aston Martin developed a partnership for the shoe to commemorate Bryant’s 2008 Nike commercial that became a viral sensation on the internet. In the commercial, Bryant jumped over an Aston Martin DB9 while wearing Nike Hyperdunks.

Nike will only release 500 pairs of the sneakers, which will increase the value for sneaker lovers. Once the sneakers sell out in stores, dedicated sneakerheads will likely shell out $2,000 or more online for the limited edition shoe.

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