coolness redefined part 3

it’s time to neatly place a bow on our Coolness Redefined series. The
following four products are worthy selections to place a fitting end to
our look at today’s cool technology.-dewayne rogers

coolness redefined part 3($1,600;

Sony Vaio TP1

Sony always finds a way to impress me. With its TP1 media center, Sony
now makes it possible for you to connect to your TV and store up to 58
hours of programming. To make things even better, once you’ve captured
all of your favorite TV moments, you can create a library with its
built-in library feature. ($1,600;

coolness redefined part 3($299;

Razer Mako

Don’t you just hate how your computer speakers can distort the sound of
your music at times? Well, the Razer Mako addresses that in an
impressive fashion by creating a set of speakers that are designed
specifically with your desktop in mind, shooting the music downward
instead of out. ($299;

coolness redefined part 3($250;

SanDisk Sansa Connect

You may be a ride-or-die iPod user, but the SanDisk DiskSansa Connect
does something that the iPod and many other MP3 players cannot — it has
Wi-Fi capabilities. So anytime you’re out in an area with a hotspot,
simply connect and download your favorite tunes. ($250;

coolness redefined part 3


Creative Xdock Wireless

While other accessory companies are content to just release a new iPod
docking station every few weeks, Creative decided to up the ante with
their Xdock Wireless. This device not only docks the iPod, but it also
compresses the music, and restores it to its higher CD quality. ($200;

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