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irv gotti- how to make executive decisions

photo by steed media service

CEO, The Inc.

Irv Gotti is no stranger to the limelight. In fact, as a multi-platinum
producer and CEO of The Inc. (formerly known as Murder Inc.), Gotti has
long established himself as a trusted source on what it really takes to
become a successful businessman in the music industry. So it only made
sense for rolling out to get a few insightful tidbits from Gotti on the
ins and outs of this ultracompetitive industry. -dewayne rogers

What does it really take to promote yourself within the music industry?

More than anything it takes good music. That should be the first thing
that anyone focuses on. Because even if you don’t know how to market
yourself, the music instantly becomes your calling card. I’ve always
been a music man, so I firmly believe that a hot record should be your
first priority. After that, the business will fall into place, because
people will begin to actively seek you out because of the product that
you put out.

How important is music publishing?
Publishing is everything. It’s how you get your paper. And the sooner
that people realize that, the better off that they will be in the long
run. You have to make sure that your publishing is in order.

What do you think is missing in the music industry?
I think that there is a lack of artists. I’m not saying that we don’t
have any good music, but we just don’t follow the artists anymore.
There are a lot of songs on the radio that I like, but I just don’t
know who the artist is. We need to have people focus more on making
great albums so that the public will be more willing to follow the
artist and not just the song.