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painting happiness

photo by steed media service

Life is all about perspective. How one views one’s place and purpose in
the world is all in the mind. It’s not just about having a sunny
disposition despite one’s circumstances. Oftentimes, a person’s
perspective is their circumstance. Therefore, why would anyone ever
choose to merely exist when they could live out loud in full

Everyone experiences travails. Misery and suffering are part of the
human condition. But that isn’t the entire story. Pain will come
whether one wills it or not, but you don’t have to succumb to its
torture. It is fully within your power to paint a different ending to
the story. If you paint yourself into a corner, you can surely use the
same brush to paint your way out.

We all have artistic flare, although we may choose to apply it
differently. Some folks can tap the beauty inside and have fun with
their creativity. They draw bold lines and use bright colors to reflect
their inner vision. They love to share the greatness that they see in
their mind’s eye, and they revel in beholding greatness in others. Call
them the proverbial glass half full people. Their brethren, the glass
half empty folks, can’t paint anything because they lack a canvas,
paint or brush. Or they lack the particular canvas, paint or brush they
need to do the job properly. Either way, the world won’t be enjoying
the beauty they create because their inertia won’t allow them to even
try to start a masterpiece.

Paint a new life for yourself today. You are as talented as any of the
old masters. Your work can rivet the eye and make the heart race as
much as Romare Bearden’s. But not if you keep your song within you.
When you add your special combination of colors to the world, you not
only untether your soul, you make the world a happier place to be.


Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]