Dentist Terrance L. Jeter Cites 6 Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Dentist Terrance L. Jeter Cites 6 Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Dentist Terrance L. Jeter Cites 6 Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Dentist Terrence L. Jeter, founder of Dr. Terrence Jeter & Associates, has been practicing dentistry for 21 years in Decatur, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. Having performed a multitude of dental services and procedures for families, he knows how to ensure you maintain healthy teeth throughout the course of your life. –terry shropshire

Dental checkups at six-month intervals: “Whether it’s your dentist, your family physician or even your mechanic, the least expensive approach to anything is always preventive. I always understand going to a dental office can be an anxiety-triggering event. However, going every six months for [an] exam and cleaning is going to save you a lot of money in the long run and help you keep a lot of your own natural teeth. You cannot remove tartar with a toothbrush.”

Don’t scrub teeth: “Toothbrushes with the scrubbing motion [make] the patient feel like it’s doing a really bang up job, when actually they are overstimulating the gum tissue. The gum tissue then pulls back [and] causes recession of the gum tissues, which in turn exposes the root of the teeth.”

Use light motion: “[Use a] very light massaging [and] brushing motion with a soft tooth brush. Going beyond that is damaging [to] your teeth and gums.”

Floss twice a day: “Ideally [floss] in the evening, prior to brushing your teeth [and] prior to going to bed. Don’t go to sleep with all the food debris and the bacteria going to work on your teeth and gums.”
Brush your tongue. “That’s where 80 percent of halitosis comes from, the rear of the tongue. They have tongue brushes at your local pharmacy.”

Education: “I believe that when [the previous generations of African Americans] were growing up, in their childhood years [they] were more prone to dental disease. Education was lacking and the local dentist would just pull the tooth that was bothering you.”

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