Jeanne Artime- the extra mile

     jeanne artime- the extra mile


Program Manager, Computers For Youth (Atlanta)

As Computers for Youth continues to impact children’s lives by providing low-income families with donated computer systems, program manager Jeanne Artime couldn’t be happier.

“I just love the mission of Computers for Youth,” she says. “I really think that it’s hitting a good age group of kids that are at risk. At this point, they’re either disengaging from their family or disengaging from academics in general, and this kind of gives [the kids] a boost to keep them involved.”

Artime is responsible for implementing the nonprofit organization’s Take IT Home program and coordinating with schools and volunteers to make their tutorial workshops a success. The goal is to extend learning beyond the classroom.

“What we’re trying to do is really give the resources to the family, so that they can be successful in learning,” explains Artime, adding that a program is already in place at Atlanta’s Price Middle School.

“[Our goal is to] increase the research that we do on the back end of this process, to really make sure that the kids are utilizing the software and that the software is actually making a difference in improving test scores,” concludes Artime.

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