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Morgan Freeman Has Questions About God and the Universe in New Show

Where does space end and heaven begin? And is there even a heaven to begin with? Those are questions that scientists and religious skeptics have wondered about for centuries. Now they may finally get some answers, thanks to Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. In the show, “Through the Wormhole,” which debuts June 9 on the Science Channel, Freeman will attempt to discover and illuminate certain truths about our universe. In a recent interview, Freeman addressed questions surrounding the nature of the show, and shed light on how he got initially became involved with the project.

You probably could do any number of different projects. Why this program? Why now?

“Well, you know, things fall into your lap sometimes. They just come because there is some unseen hand which we call providence, guiding things. And I’ve been interested in this subject for a very long time. And all of a sudden, the Science Channel say[s], “How would you guys like to do a program about the cosmos, because some years back, we had a company called ClickStar, and on it, we established a channel called Our Space …which was going to deal with, you know, space matters. And the Discovery Channel thought it was a great idea, so here we go.”

How impartial is the series overall to different views of science and religion?

“I don’t think you can make a series like this and have it partial, because we have to entertain all thoughts, all of the theories around a certain subject. The whole idea is to bring in all of the different theories and thoughts. Particularly if you’re talking about something like creation, you know, you can’t just go in and say ‘this is such, and this is such, and this is such.’ Actually, nobody knows. So we … try to get a rounded perspective on it.”

You played God and now you’re looking into the nature of God. In the series, has this project altered or impacted your personal beliefs in the notions of a supreme being?

“No, not at all. These are very interesting questions, particularly as posed by these scientists and physicists and cosmologists. But I’m not sure that they’re going to very heavily impact anybody’s belief system. I mean … a belief system is just that, it’s a belief. It’s not based on any fact, we don’t have any facts.”

“Through the Wormhole” debuts June 9 at 10 p.m. on the Science Channel. –dewayne rogers