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Damon Wayans Returns to Prime Time in CBS Sports Comedy Pilot

After being absent from the TV scene since “My Wife & Kids” wrapped, actor and comedian Damon Wayans is  returning to prime time television in a new CBS sports radio sitcom pilot this fall.

According to, the show, inspired by real-life ESPN personality Colin Cowherd, will focus on the character Nick Herd (Wayans), a cocky and quick-witted sports radio host and fan-favorite who plays it cool on the air but admits that when steps away from the mic, “I’m just a schmuck trying to keep three women from freaking out on me.”

According to, those three women refer to Cowherd’s current wife, ex-wife and radio co-host.

Although the show is inspired by Cowherd, he says that his life won’t fully play out on camera, rather the show will focus on his relationships with the women.

“[It] won’t be autobiographical. It’s not about my life, which isn’t that interesting. It’s about relationships. I want stories on relationships that are authentic. I give them real situations I live through,” he said

Wayans’ return to TV will come with a big paycheck. It’s reported that in the deal Wayans made with CBS, which took weeks to close, he’ll receive a top-dollar actor’s fee and a large piece of the show’s potential back end profits.

With Wayans pilot, CBS now has four shows with black actors in lead roles for the upcoming fall season. Earlier this year, it was reported that actors Kerry Washington, Columbus Short, Taraji P. Henson and Brandon T. Jackson had all been cast in CBS pilots.

Will you be tuning in to Wayans’ show? –nicholas robinson

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  1. Vandellish on March 23, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Wow. Black sitcoms coming back to tv? And it’s not another CSI in Jackson, Miss? This I’ll have to check up on.
    As far as Cowherd, he started off extremely pompous and cliche. As the years have passed he’s become much more insightful and doesn’t rely on sensationalism or shock value to gain ears. I think his divorce helped him gain perspective on several things. Maybe he’s just grown up and gotten better. Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see a black character’s interpretation of his story. I’ll be watching.