Atlanta Mission Event Boosts Women’s Self-Esteem

Atlanta Mission Event Boosts Women's Self-Esteem
Megha Rodriguez, Emma Loggins, Tami Reed, Patti Davis and Lori Reynolds

Last week, I was one of the guest speakers invited to the Atlanta Mission. It’s a shelter for women and children, and this was my second time visiting this outstanding organization. I, too, was homeless back in the mid 80s for two years and, now, I always give back by sharing my story with the ladies to encourage them.

Guest speakers included Megha Rodriguez of Hire Humanity, Emma Loggins of Fanbolt, Patti Davis of Anatomy of a Dinner Party and the writer of this article, Tami Reed, of Talking with Tami. My friend, Lori Reynolds, also was there to talk with the ladies as well about her business, Mocha Moon, as well as her nonprofit organization, Beauty and Books. She gave the ladies swag bags of beauty and hair care items to help with their self esteem and to feel beautiful.

At the event, Rodriguez, Loggins, and I discussed social media. Many of the attendees didn’t know what a blog was or that they could start one for free. With minimal internet and computer access while living in the shelter, we were aware that they couldn’t be on computers often. However, we did let them know that maybe, at a later time, they could start their own blogs and even earn income from them. Davis spoke about the importance of proper etiquette. It was an informative, inspiring morning for all, and I’m so glad that the Atlanta Mission and Lori Reynolds invited me to this worthwhile event.

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