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Federal Employee Sheds Light on Reason for Government Shutdown

The clock is currently ticking on the threat of a government shutdown, according to federal officials. But what does that mean for the average person?

Rolling out spoke with a federal insider, who wanted to remain anonymous, that broke down in a general sense the impact the shutdown will have on federal operations as well as the real reason for the GOP’s standoff with the Democrats.

“In general, if you haven’t filed your taxes, no processing will take place after the shutdown commences.  If you are in need of a passport, there will also be no processing on that end until federal business is resumed,” he said.  “The armed forces won’t be affected by it, though, they will still get paid.

“National parks will close and federal employees will also be furloughed until the storm passes, but the postal service will still operate and any federal checks such as social security, disability and the like will continue … no new claims will be processed though. Airports and TSA will not be part of the equation, they will function as normal.”

When asked what was really behind the potential shutdown, the high-ranking Capitol Hill staffer responded:

“The real issue that hasn’t been resolved is regarding planned parenthood aka abortion. Republicans want to take it out of the budget and Democrats refuse, because it has direct impact on women’s health. Deeper lines are being drawn in the sand and the tea party is holding Republicans hostage on the issue, who favor taking it out of the budget. Thirty-nine-billion dollars have been cut from the budget already, which met the initial Republican demands, but it comes down to ideology … it looks like the shutdown will happen.”