Stacey Abrams blasts the president over government shutdown, divisiveness

Stacey Abrams called it a “disgrace” and “a stunt” that the president of the United States imperiled the livelihood of over 800,000 workers during the longest government shutdown in history, just so that he could fund his border wall. That was just one of the major criticisms leveled at Donald Trump by former Georgia gubernatorial […]

Cardi B’s savage clapback at Tomi Lahren for mocking her (video)

Rap renegade Cardi B issued a stern warning that Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren not come for Cardi unless she sends for her. Lahren ripped the rapper after Cardi shared her indignation and fear at the government shutdown, which is already the longest in U.S. history. Here is what Cardi B, 26, had to say about […]

Republicans sacrificing poor whites with government shutdown, food stamp cuts

“They don’t mind getting a few of their own (in order) to get to you, to maintain power.” — Minister Louis Farrakhan, circa 1990 Contrary to popular and erroneous beliefs, white Americans actually represent the largest group of poor people in America and those who subsist on government welfare and food stamps. Subsequently, in light […]

President Obama’s senior adviser tweets N-word

A senior adviser to President Obama inexplicably tweeted the N-word during a discussion of the government shutdown. How that could possibly happen by accident is beyond most of us. Dan Pfeiffer was responding to a Twitter discussion about political polarization and how the Internet and social media play a major factor. He then tweeted: “Also […]

Jesse Jackson’s open letter: ‘Shutdown is really a shutdown’

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., founder or Rainbow PUSH offers his perspective on Government Shutdown 2013. Read for yourself: Did you happen to see Jimmy Kimmel’s interesting skit last week, where he asked people on the street whether they preferred “Obamacare” or the “Affordable Care Act”? Far too many people chose the “Affordable Care Act” over […]

Congress to vote on back pay for government workers

While it’s a move that will only be fair to the 800,000 government workers affected by the antics of selfish members of Congress, this Saturday, Oct. 5 (day 5 of the partial government shutdown) members will convene to discuss back pay for furloughed federal workers. It’s legislation supported by the White House and the Senate will […]

Black man sets himself on fire at National Mall

One day after a woman was shot and killed for erratic behavior at the U.S. Capitol, a man set himself on fire at the National Mall in Washington D.C. According to reports, two men walked near the National Gallery and one set up a video camera on a tripod. While one man filmed, the other […]

Shots fired at U.S. Capitol; building on lockdown

U.S. Capitol shooting A shooting has been reported at the U.S. Capitol. The Associated Press reports that a police officer was injured after a gunman opened fire and forced authorities to shutdown the entire complex. According to witness Edmund Ofori-Attah, police chased a black vehicle up Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol. When the car finally stopped, […]

Best Twitter responses to #TheGovernmentShutDownBecause

Meanwhile, as the senators’ and congresspeople’s pockets continue to get fatter, millions of government workers, contractors and others that rely on the feds for their livelihood continue to take on water in their businesses and personal lives, unsure when they’ll be thrown a life raft from those in Congress as they relax in their million-dollar […]

Most hilarious memes of the government shutdown

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, take a look at these memes about the federal government shutdown and see thousands of words worth of photos about how Americans feel about their leaders vacating the nation’s capitol, leaving millions negatively impacted from a variety of fronts.  No words are needed when […]

Obamacare delayed: Republican-controlled House votes

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives have voted to delay Obamacare for a year and to repeal a tax on medical devices. The battle ensued as Senate Democrats voiced they would reject this move when they meet on Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, as well as the White House vowing to veto the measure because it’s equivalent […]

Federal Employee Sheds Light on Reason for Government Shutdown

The clock is currently ticking on the threat of a government shutdown, according to federal officials. But what does that mean for the average person? Rolling out spoke with a federal insider, who wanted to remain anonymous, that broke down in a general sense the impact the shutdown will have on federal operations as well […]