The iPhone 5 : Is it Time to Upgrade Your Tech Tools?

The iPhone 5 : Is it Time to Upgrade Your Tech Tools?

Tech enthusiasts are holding a cyberspace vigil awaiting the Apple iPhone 5 is about to come out which, reportedly, is radically different than the iPhone 4. Rumors swirling about Apple headquarters is that the next iPhone could be slim, tapered, and very different than the iPhone 4.

Speculation has it that that we’ll be seeing an edge-to-edge screen, like mentioned in other reports, in addition to a faster, dual-core chip to match the iPad 2. In terms of Apple moving from aluminum to plastic in the shift from iPhone 1 to iPhone 3G, if Apple keeps the same antenna design (which was not mentioned by sources) as the iPhone 4 and adds the flat aluminum back, this back should not cause any reception issues.

Is it time for your to upgrade your tech tools? Your tech tools, particularly the omnipresent cellphone, should be able to multitask and perform a variety of very different functions.

Case in point: I was in church on Resurrection Day and when the pastor told everyone to turn to their Bibles and I realized that I had not brought mine. No problem. I simply fired up my smartphone, had an application called Bible already at the ready, and quickly scanned to the Scripture of the day.

Second scenario: I learned the next day listening to the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” that there are applications that can downloaded that will now enable fans of the show to listen to it via their cellphones. On most smartphones, you an already watch videos, movies and hop from one social network sight to another and then, with the touch of a finger, click to check on your professional and personal emails.

If your cell phone cannot do this, then you should consider upgrading in order to keep up with the fierce pace that technology is going on.

terry shropshire

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