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Ja’Maal Buster, Rihanna’s Eyelash Guru

Ja’Maal Buster, tell us about these hot eyes, you’re decorating the eyes and designing the images, how did you come up with this idea?
I came up with this idea because I primarily only work with celebrities and eyelashes going on tour and things, so the everyday woman wanted to have the same look that the celebrities have on the red carpet. So I designed a couture line of fine lashes so that they can have the same look at home. And apply them themselves with my tool.

So, you’ve got hot names; give me the names of some of these hot products.
Gold-Digger, Disturbia, Soap Opera, Shy Girl, Trophy Wife, Spoiled Brat, all names that kind of describe a type of person or a woman and that’s going to let you know how the lashes are going to look. For me, I want to find the lashes that fit someone’s personality. And so people are like, what kind of lashes should I wear? What kind of lashes should I use? And of course the Gold-Digger likes everything big and over the top, always, and so the Gold-Digger lashes are very big and over the top. There’s one lash called Diva, and it’s very much a Diva’s lash.

When you say a Diva’s lash, what is that exactly?
“Diva” is always big hair, big diamonds, very, “see me.” And those lashes called Soap Opera [are a] very light, very natural everyday lash because normally when you watch a soap opera, it’s during the day.

Why have lashes taken off and why is it important for a woman to have it in her arsenal for beautification?
Lashes have always been really important in a woman’s makeup look, but I think here recently it’s something that has become more of an accessory, versus an item that they only try every now and then. It’s an accessory that you’ve got to have everyday and lashes can change you from funky to fabulous in literally five minutes.

So should a woman have one or two lashes in her arsenal?

I think a woman should have a wardrobe full of lashes for every occasion, for her style. You don’t want to wear the same lashes that you wear to dinner with your husband that you would wear with your girls to a party. You want a different lash.

I have 32 styles in my line.

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