Jill Scott Loses 50 Pounds, But Does She Look Better?

Jill Scott Loses 50 Pounds, But Does She Look Better?

“Stunning” is the first word that raced through my head when I took in Jill Scott’s cover photo spread for Ebony. Too bad I didn’t recognize her until I noticed her name.

Scott’s metamorphosis is so radical that it’s almost scary. But does she look better swollen up like a linebacker like she was in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Or is this a positive new look for the beloved, adorable neo-soul singer?

To me, it’s a thumbs-up. From a visual standpoint and health perspective, it’s a positive for Jill Scott. Same goes for the likes of Jordin Sparks, who also showed off her new, tight-bodied frame recently.

Sometimes, however, the results are not aesthetically pleasing.

When the late legendary Luther Vandross showed up on stage sans the bulk he‘d carried his entire adulthood, he looked positively sick. Same with Oprah. Both lost their portliness so fast, like they went home and just peeled off the excess fat overnight. The change was too drastic for their fans to digest. And the change was too drastic even for them. Crash diets never work. The body’s defense mechanism kicks in after a certain time to preserve itself. You know what eventually happens: the aspiring skinny person gains back all the weight faster than they rid themselves of it, plus more. It’s as if the body is telling the crash dieter “don’t do that again.”

Jill Scott Loses 50 Pounds, But Does She Look Better?

Radical changes in either direction can jolt the senses. When you see old photos of a much slimmer Aretha Franklin, for example, she looks like a totally different person.

So … what do you think of Jill’s new look?

terry shropshire

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