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Universal Music Group Partners With Tommy Hilfiger for Clothing Line; Rihanna, Keri Hilson

tommy hilfiger beyonceUniversal Music Group teams up with Tommy Hilfiger in order to create rock ‘n’ roll-inspired clothing. Artists like Rihanna and Keri Hilson, who are among many Universal artists, have already heavily infused rock ‘n’ roll influences into their individual style making it even more popular amongst their fellow celebs and fashionistas.

Due to the decline of album sales, labels and music entertainment companies have turned to other creative avenues to maintain their businesses within the billion dollar industry — what better way to do so than with fashion. reports that Tommy Hilfiger will step in solely as a designer (with no affiliation to his Tommy Hilfiger clothing line) and work closely with a selected group of signed artists and bands in order to design branded merchandise with the look that has lately created quite a trend in fashion.
Being that celebrities and musicians are heavy influencers in fashion trends, I’m sure that Tommy Hilfiger and the label will have no problem kicking off this interesting campaign. Consumers can expect the first line of products soon, as it is scheduled to be released to high-end boutiques and department stores later this year.