Ron Artest on Mission to Help Ex-Cons With New Reality Show

Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest is no stranger to the world of television or the term redemption. And after facing his own demons, both on and off the court, the eccentric Lakers forward is now going to help others face theirs in a new reality show titled “Last Second Shot” that will help rehabilitate ex-convicts through basketball.

According to TMZ, Artest and a team of mental health experts and life coaches will work with 10 parolees in an eight-week program that will challenge them to find discipline and meaningful purpose in their lives while teaching them life lessons through basketball.

“We’re gonna put them through an intensive experience [and] give them hope and confidence to change their lives,” Artest says in a trailer for the upcoming show.

Although the show’s production company, 44 Blue Production, which produces MSNBC’s prison documentary series “Lockup,” has yet to pitch the show to any networks, they’re “very high on it.”

And while “Last Second Shot” will undoubtedly benefit these ex-convicts, it’s easy to believe that the show will also be cathartic for Artest. The infamous hothead has suffered several controversies throughout his NBA career. The most notable being a near career-ending incident in 2004 when he was suspended from the Indiana Pacers after engaging in an infamous brawl among players and fans during a Pacers-Pistons game.

Following the dustup, Artest, slowly but surely (with some notable help along the way from psychologist Dr. Santhi Periasamy) found public redemption and newfound success as a Lakers star.

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Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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