Tiger Woods Pilloried for Affair; John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger Get a Pass

Tiger Woods Pilloried for Affair; John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger Get a Pass

Welcome to America, home of apple pie, Chevrolet, the KKK and adultery.

A political bomb fell on the GOP when Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, revealed that 10 years ago he had a child out of wedlock with a member of his domestic staff.

Yes, in the vein of Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurmond, it appears that old Arnold was keeping a longstanding Republican practice alive — procreating with staff and hiding it under the guise of patriotism and service.

Now I must admit that Democrats are not immune to this type of behavior, just ask former presidential candidate John Edwards. However, the treatment the aforementioned have received for their foibles was not as severe as the ridicule thrown at professional golfer Tiger Woods, who did not  have a child out of wedlock.

This seems to be rather inconsistent. When Woods admitted his cheating ways, everyone, in particular mainstream media, threw everything at him — including the proverbial “kitchen sink.” But Governor Schwarzenegger has yet to be vilified, which brings me to ask if race has anything to do with this? On the surface I would say yes, and would add that it seems athletes seem to be held to a higher moral standard than politicians. It is as if famous white men are given a pass for behavior that would condemn a black man of equal status and fame. The problem is the blatant difference with which Wood’s family issues were paraded across the media and how many of these same outlets are intentionally not speaking out against Schwarzenegger. It is obvious that this double standard will continue and that African American men will, from this nation’s history of perceiving us as being less than human, always be held to a higher standard than white Anglo Saxon Protestants, even if they hail from Austria. –torrance stephens, ph.d.

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