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Find Your Vision With an Inspiration Board

What is an inspiration board, you ask? It’s the perfect place to physically house your ideas, aspirations, long- and short-term goals, vacation destinations, etc., when your brain may be on creativity overload or drought. An inspiration board can be created on anything from a poster to a cork board. It’s whatever you want it to be — no limits, no rules.

If you need a little push getting started, here are some ideas: Simply start with a collage of various photos and words that inspire you, drive you, keep you focused, organized, make you happy or just make you laugh. Hang your inspiration board where you can see it everyday and feel free to add or take away from it. Your dreams and ideas can be altered every day so make sure your board stays current. 

You can even make an inspiration board for at-home projects, like redecorating a room. Hang up fabric swatches and magazine tear sheets of bedrooms or offices that you like. Use colorful push pins to display your visual or dissecting pins for a simpler approach.

Still having a creativity block? Here are 10 ways to get your groove back. –mckenzie harris

1. Get away from the computer.

2. Carry a notebook everywhere.

3. Quit beating yourself up.

4. Be open.

5. Get feedback.

6. Got an idea? Write it down.

7. Surround yourself with creative people.

8. Go somewhere new.

9. Take risks and have fun.

10. Finish something.