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Trae Tha Truth’s ‘Trae Day 2011’ Brings Out Smiles, Stars, School Supplies

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth speaks to throngs of fans at Trae Day.

On Friday, July 22, Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth held this year’s fourth annual “Trae Day” at Del Mar Stadium, which proved to be an outpouring of the love and support he and his hometown have for one another. Trae Day is an official city holiday and effort of the urban community to  provide inner-city children with back-to-school supplies made possible by Trae Tha Truth. The free event features games, rides, the school supplies giveaway, vaccinations and a concert line up of the rapper’s friends who volunteer.

“It is really a blessing to be able to do the event again for the kids this year,” said Trae. The date holds a significant meaning for the rapper, which drives him to have the event on the same day each year. Rain, heat or sleet, Trae vows he will show up for the children.

“Today is my son’s birthday, and I do this every year in honor of him. I came from nothing, so it  means everything to me that I am able to do this special thing for them.”

A number of artists volunteered their time to support the event including  Trae Day vet Lupe Fiasco, Lola Monroe, Tity Boi of 2Chainz, Rich Boy, Don Cannon, comedian Lil Duvale, Bun B, Deandre Jordan, Pimp C’s mother, Momma C, and NBA star Rashard Lewis.

“It feels good to be here. I always love to show up and support Trae, especially for a day like this. What a great success … really dope, and the kids got to have some fun,” Fiasco said.

“It’s always great to be here and support Trae. I’ll always be here for him, and I’m just so glad to see him back,” Momma C said. “He’ll always be one of my favorite babies.”

“Trae Day is about supporting the community, and we can always do that … give back to the people and have a good time while doing so,” Bun B said.

As the children trotted around with their new backpacks, they were all  smiles and so was the rapper as he watched his yearly efforts unfold. Trae, often referred to as the Santa Claus of Houston, gave away a number of prizes in addition to the school supplies.

Giving back to his hometown remains priority and, for that, Trae Tha Truth will always be respected as a hometown favorite.

“I love this city, man. I do this for Houston,” he said. –callye peyrovi