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Black R&B Singer Selling His Iconic L.A. Mansion (The One With 19 Naked White Men on the Lawn)

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen the ostentatious mansion on the corner of 3rd and Muirfield in Hancock Park, an exclusive neighborhood of multimillion-dollar homes with multiple luxury cars in the driveways and perpetually manicured, pristine landscaping.

The impossible-to-ignore home dubbed Youngwood Court by its flamboyant owner Norwood Young, has long raised the ire of Young’s more conservative neighbors by morphing into “The House of Davids” a can’t-miss Southland tourist attraction. It is especially interesting to see during the holidays when the 19 normally naked Davids are dressed in red waistcoats and Santa hats and draped in blinking lights.

The interior of the home is even more eccentrically accented than the exterior (if you can believe it). Lucite dining furniture suspended from the ceiling. An 8-foot replica of Michael Jackson’s glitter glove as art. Oversized custom furniture set against a white-on-white paint palette. Beyond interesting. Click here and here for a (long awaited by many) pictorial mini-tour, never before seen by the uninvited.

Wonder what the neighbors thought of Santa's "Black Power" salute ...

Of the 19 statues of David in his front yard, Young says, “That statue represents myself and things that I’ve had to defeat in my life. So it wasn’t like I was just this wacky guy who wanted 20 penises on his lawn. That’s not the way I roll. Unfortunately, the neighbors and other people never took the time to wonder if there was a reason …”

Young says he purchased the home for $1.2 million, and he’s willing to let you have it for the bargain price of $2.4 million.

Read Nita Lelyveld’s excellent article about Norwood and the history of his home at the Los Angeles Times.