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‘Rolling Out’ Screens ‘Attack the Block’

Throngs of moviegoers came out to see a sneak preview of the summer’s most anticipated film, Attack the Block, set to hit theaters Aug. 19.

For weeks, the buzz has been building about this British film written and directed by Joe Cornish. Producers Nira Park and James Wilson have made such films as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The pair’s latest film tells the story of a gang of inner-city kids who try to defend their block when aliens attack their South London apartment complex.

Reality star Cristal Steverson a former contestant on “Flavor of Love” was the host of the evening.

At the screening, ro gave out T-shirts, snapped photos and solicited patrons’ opinion of the film. People headed into the theater were very excited to see the film and couldn’t wait to see the aliens and learn about the characters in the film. During the screening, people cheered, laughed, moaned and rooted for the characters in the film. Afterward, people came out of the theater smiling and the majority of the viewers said they absolutely loved the film! It was a huge hit! Remember if you are in one of the select cities where this film will be released on Friday, Aug. 19, please go out to support it. If the film does well in those select cities, it will open nationwide.

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