Kreayshawn Talks Game, N-Word and Pimping Past

For anyone whose watched hip-hop star Kreayshawn’s meteoric rise and high-profile controversies over the past few months, it’s obvious that the Bay Area emcee is quite the fire cracker with an explosive mouth and life. And in the cover story October/November issue of Complex (which she shares with anti-social rapper KiD CuDi), Kreayshawn holds no punches as she fires off on her beef with Game, her use of the N-Word and her former gigs as a drug dealer and pimp.

Kreayshawn, who recently squashed her beef with Rick Ross, discusses her tiff with fellow West Coast rapper Game, who threatened Kreayshawn on his diss track “Uncle Otis.” “Little white b—h/Better stay in your place/You call me a ni–a, I’ma put the K in ya face,” rapped Game. And though Kreayshawn has remained mum about the diss, she reveals that she’s fed up with ignoring Game and anyone else’s disses.

“Why do I keep getting dissed and gotta ignore it like nothing is going on?” she inquires, “I wanna slap a grown-a– man in the face. I’m going to say, ‘Game’s a weak a– Blood, he ain’t about to do s–t.’ … Am I just supposed to get dissed every day and be a weak ass little white b—h? F— that s–t. I’m tired of people disrespecting me.”

Though Kreayshawn and her fellow White Girl Mob member V-Nasty have both drawn criticism for their controversial use of the N-Word, Kreayshawn explains that she’s talked with her “sister” about eliminating the word from her vocabulary, something V-Nasty has recently professed to doing.

“I’ve sat down and had talks with her, like, ‘Please, if you took this word out of your vocabulary, it would help your career. It would really help mine,’” said Kreayshawn.

With a hit record under her belt, Kreayshawn has reason to be concerned about her blossoming career. And although Kreayshawn is seemingly on her way to the top of the music scene, in the article, she reveals that her career aspirations were once anchored to criminal gutters of the streets, selling drugs to make ends meet as well as selling young girls as a digital pimp.

“I was driving around in a pink Mustang at two in the morning, no license, with like two 15s in the trunk, serving knots,” she recalls. “Then these girls I met, they were on their hustle, too. They brought me this new idea, it was safer than selling drugs. I posted the links for them, took the anonymous pictures, and set up the dates and prices.”

Fortunately, for the pint-sized digi-pimp, her madame days were cut short by “more experienced” pimps and she’s now sitting comfortably on a seven-figure deal with Columbia Records.
“I never made anything with the intention of signing a record deal. It was just for fun. The moment I realized I could get a record deal, was when I got a record deal. I didn’t see myself getting famous,” she concludes. “People say, ‘You’re changing the game.’ I’m just being me. This is what I’ve been doing.” – nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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