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Jay-Z Knows Sex of His Baby, Talks Brooklyn Nets

Jay-Z has walked a successful path in the worlds of music, fashion and business, but in the coming months the rapper will take on one of the biggest ventures of his life, that of being a father. And though many men would be quivering in their kicks about the idea of fatherhood, Jay-Z says that he’s not worried at all about his journey into fatherhood.

“No, I’m not nervous. Everything’s great,” said the ever-elusive Jay-Z during a recent interview with the My Fox New York morning program “Good Day New York.”

Jay-Z also shared that he and wife Beyoncé know the sex of their baby but have no plans on revealing it to the world anytime soon.

“We do [know the sex], but I’m not gonna say, of course,” said Jay.

Though tightlipped about his baby, Jay-Z was forthcoming when it came time to talk about his latest business venture as he announced the name change of the current NBA team New Jersey Nets to the Brooklyn Nets.

“We’ve decided that the final name would be the Brooklyn Nets,” said Hov, who is part-owner of the team. Explaining the name change, Jay said, “You know what it is, it’s deep love. Biggie had a line ‘spread love that’s the Brooklyn way.’ It’s a deep love we have for our heroes. We walk around with that.”

Jay also revealed that he will be headlining a series of concerts at Brooklyn, N.Y.’s new arena, the Barclays Center, which opens Sept. 28, 2012, to welcome his team to his beloved hometown.

“I’m going to open the building with a couple of concerts… maybe like eight,” said Jay-Z, adding that Beyoncé will appear at one of the shows and that a string of special guest performers will appear at other shows.

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  1. Sd on September 27, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Okay who was the idiot that asked Jay Z what the sex of there baby. Jay Z and Beyonce are very secretive. They would have hidden her pregnancy for the entire 9 months if they could have.  I do believe and respect celebrities privacy, but I always thought that they were a bit over the top with it.