Michael Jackson’s Kids Witnessed His Final Moments

The manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused in the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, began earlier this week and shocking stories of Jackson’s final moments have already been revealed, including the revelation that the King of Pop’s children watched as he fought for his life.

According to TMZ, Faheed Muhammad, the head of the late pop star’s security, took the stand on Sept. 28 and revealed to the courtroom that Jackson’s eldest children, son Prince Michael, 14, and and daughter Paris, 13, watched as Dr. Murray tried to resuscitate their father on the morning of his death, and had to be removed from his bedroom.

Muhammad explained that when he arrived at Jackson’s bedroom on that fateful morning, he witnessed both children in the doorway, Paris “on the ground, balled up, crying” and Prince “was shocked and slowly crying.”

After seeing the children’s despair, Muhammad and their nanny quickly gathered Prince and Paris and escorted them downstairs.

According to Muhammad, that’s when Dr. Murray asked if anyone knew CPR and quickly received assistance from fellow bodyguard Alberto Alvarez.

After Jackson was pronounced dead later that day, Jackson’s personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, informed Muhammed of Dr. Murray’s request that they return to his home and retrieve the “cream.” At that point, the two men decided not to allow Dr. Murray to return to Jackson’s home.

According to CBS, during Williams’ testimony, he explained that Dr. Murray failed to provide doctors with information about Jackson’s critical condition, instead telling them an odd story about Jackson being “hungry” and wanting “a ride to get some food.”

CBS News legal analyst Trent Copeland said of Dr. Murray, “He sat there in a waiting room, rather than banging on the doors and telling the hospital personnel and the life-saving doctors who were working on Michael Jackson exactly what Michael Jackson had in his system.”

“The prosecution is trying to create in the jury is a sense that this is a doctor who had absolutely no idea what he was doing,” adds Copeland. “It’s an emotional setting. The children are on the ground, they’re crying. Dr. Murray is sweating, doesn’t call 911.”

According to a lawyer connected to Jackson’s canceled tour, Dr. Murray planned to have a CPR machine and an extra physician on hand once the tour began. Many are claiming this is evidence that Dr. Murray may have been aware that Jackson’s propofol regimen was dangerous.

Another bodyguard of Jackson’s is expected to testify that Dr. Murray requested that he hide any propofol-related evidence before 911 was called.

Stay tuned as the story develops. –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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