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5 Top Marketers at ANA Conference Discuss Steve Jobs’ Apple Architecture

Sherman Wright, founder of Common Ground marketing and communications firm

Steve Jobs was a technological revolutionary whose ingenuity with Apple held the American public spellbound because such sightings of cultural game-changers like him are so frustratingly infrequent. We witnessed how Bill Gates changed the game a generation ago when he executed on his vow to make computers available in every home in America. And now, with the late, legendary Jobs, we all got a front-row seat to how he basically took computers and music and made them mobile for millions.

Several marketers and advertising industry reps spoke with rolling out about how Jobs fundamentally altered the technological landscape during at the Association of National Advertisers Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference in Miami Beach, Fla.:


Sherman Wright [pictured above], managing partner and founder Common Ground, Chicago: “I think it’s dynamic. If you look at what Apple has done since 2000, and this goes back to the tech industry, I think it was all about the user. And I think he had a vision in mind and redefining industries — whether it’s mobile music, to mobile access via phones through the computers, he created this ‘I’ generation, the iPad, iPod, the iMac. It really was about thinking about the individual and empowering them with creativity through technology. That’s been sustained [over the years] and I think it’s been hard for many of their competitors to keep up.”

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