Gayle King to Host CBS ‘Early Show’: Meet 4 Successful Black Women Who Once Worked for Oprah

Gayle King to Host CBS 'Early Show': Meet 4 Successful Black Women Who Once Worked for Oprah

According to the  New York Times, Gayle King may soon be leaving her BFF Oprah’s OWN Network to help boost ratings over at CBS’ “Early Show.”

Rumor has it that King, along with acclaimed talk show host and broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, will be joining “The Early Show” as co-host.

The morning news show, which has been consistently crushed in the ratings by NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” will be getting a 2012 makeover that includes a revamped set and a relocation of the show’s filming studio to New York City’s West Side.

CBS is said to also be finalizing plans to make “The Early Show” a two-hour news program that will emphasize hard news with a conversational approach — think MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” meets “The View.”

King began her career in broadcasting as a production assistant on the set of a Baltimore news show where Oprah worked as a news anchor. Over the years, King has worked in various capacities for Oprah’s HARPO productions, most recently in a morning time slot at OWN with her own morning show.

With the move to CBS, King joins a unique group of black women who once worked for or with Oprah, and have gone on to find their own way outside of the HARPO gates.

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