Gayle King to Host CBS ‘Early Show’: Meet 4 Successful Black Women Who Once Worked for Oprah

Gayle King to Host CBS 'Early Show': Meet 4 Successful Black Women Who Once Worked for Oprah

When Oprah made the move from daily talk show host to owner of a cable network, she pegged Christina Norman  to head up operations, but Norman lasted only four months as CEO at OWN.

From the start, Norman said she was clearly ambivalent about the opportunity, and performed so badly in the interview, Oprah later told her, “I thought you needed hormones or something.”

After being let go, Norman admitted, “This is not the kind of job, the kind of person you half-a– it for.”

Norman now serves as the executive editor for the Huffington Post’s Black Voices.

Of her new position at HuffPost, Norman says, “After I was fired from OWN, I knew that I wanted my next chapter to begin in an area that was new for me. That’s what made the opportunity to join Huffington Post Black Voices so tempting. As executive editor, I’ll have the chance to help shape the overall editorial vision …”

According to Norman, “The secret of  my “success”  is shameful in its simplicity. There are, of course, countless lessons learned, but they all seem to boil down to three simple traits about me that have driven — and sometimes thrusted — me forward: I’m shamelessly devoted. I’m relentlessly direct. I’m embarrassingly open.”

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