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Christina Aguilera’s Leg Drip Mystery at Etta James Funeral Solved

Over the weekend, Christina Aguilera wowed the audience when she performed at the funeral of one of her heroines, late singer Etta James. But aside from her awesome vocals, Aguilera also gained major press attention due to photos showing an unidentified red liquid dripping down her leg. And after speculation of exactly what the unknown substance may be, the answer to everyone’s question has been disclosed.

According to AOL Music, the red streaks seen running down Aguilera’s leg have been identified as spray-on tan. The singer reportedly applied the spray to her body before the performance, but some of it failed to dry and proceeded to stream down her leg as she perfomed “At Last” during James’ funeral. Immediately after her performance, Aguilera wiped the spray tan off her leg as she walked off stage.

Before the confirmation, many tabloids and bloggers speculated that had an utterly embarrassing stage moment and was actually having a menstrual mishap.

Well, we’re glad to know that Aguilera didn’t have her period on stage. Nonetheless, it was still quite the embarrassing moment for Aguilera. But she’s not the only artist who’s had an embarrassing on stage moment. Check out our list of other blushing celebs below. –nicholas robinson

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1 Comment

  1. furpurr on September 16, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    First of all, it is NOT “red”, it is clearly brown/tan!! Upon seeing the photo, I immediately thought: “Spray tan!!”… You all have disgusting minds. {“You all” being the Media.}

    On a side note: Christina, dear, that is an utterly INappropriate top to wear to a funeral!! Good gosh, show yourself, & Ms. James, more respect!!!! GEESH!!!!