Beyoncé Takes a Tumble

During a 2007 tour stop, Beyoncé famously fell while walking down the staircase of her stage. Th singer proceeded to roll down the staircase before jumping immediately getting back on her feet and jumping back into her performance. It’s embarrassing, but you have to commend her for getting right back up like a trooper.

Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.

  • furpurr

    First of all, it is NOT “red”, it is clearly brown/tan!! Upon seeing the photo, I immediately thought: “Spray tan!!”… You all have disgusting minds. {“You all” being the Media.}

    On a side note: Christina, dear, that is an utterly INappropriate top to wear to a funeral!! Good gosh, show yourself, & Ms. James, more respect!!!! GEESH!!!!