‘Beauty in Black’ Project Inspired by Racist ‘Psychology Today’ Story

Professional photographer Paul Phillips has launched a project through kickstarter.com called “Beauty in Black” which will highlight the beauty of African American women.

Phillips says the idea was inspired by a disturbing blog post that appeared on the Psychology Today website in 2010 written by evolutionary psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa, who said he had scientific proof that black women are less physically attractive than other women.

After receiving heated complaints and pressure from organizations like The Color of Change, the article was removed from the website, and PT issued an apology to its readers.

Phillips says his “Beauty in Black” project will be a coffee table book featuring 30 to 40 high quality black and white and color photographs that celebrate the beauty and spirit of black women.

Phillips explains, “As a black man who is married to a beautiful black woman, I didn’t get mad I got busy. I am creating a photo essay that will portray the beauty of African American women of all shades, shapes and sizes.”

Phillips says he posted the project on kickstarter.com, the world’s largest online funding platform for creative projects, to raise funds for travel and printing costs, and to pay makeup artists and stylists.  “As a professional photographer, I own all of the equipment to create the book. I plan to photograph women from all over the country.”

He plans to finish the book this year and publish by March 2013.

Visit the Beauty in Black Kickstarter Page to learn more about Phillips’ project. –kathleen cross


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