Diamond Walks Away From ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: 5 People Who Could Replace Her

Diamond Walks Away From ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: 5 People Who Could Replace Her

Fans everywhere were excited when it was announced in February that VH1 was creating an Atlanta version of the popular reality series “Love & Hip-Hop.” But Atlanta fans got a serious letdown this week when rapper Diamond, who was once on the short list for the cast, announced that she s walked away from the show.

Diamond announced her decision via Twitter and recently spoke with Street Disciplez about her choice to quit the show, explaining that she hadn t even done any filming before quitting.

“No I will not be on the show. Absolutely not,” Diamond said. “I actually took about -I think two meetings – and that was really it.”

Despite Diamonds claim, reports claim that filming had already begun on the show and Diamond left amidst drama between her ex-boyfriend, rapper Scrappy, and his mother, who were also cast for the show.

However, Diamond denies the rumors and claims that she never signed on to film any episodes.

“I m the type of person that’s all or nothing, so if I were to sign up for it,” she stated, “I would’ve started it, and I would’ve finished it. But I hadn’t even began filming. You know I had two meetings that I took with the network, and that was it.”

According to Diamond, leaving the show was actually a difficult decision.

“Actually I prayed about it cause I was going back and forth about it, and something just didn’t sit right for me to go down that particular path right now,” Diamond said. “I m not saying that I won t do reality television somewhere down the line, but as of now, I just feel like my music is my foundation, and that s what people want to hear from me.”

Well, Diamond won t be part of the show, but we can think of five other women who would do well as her replacement. Check them out below. – nicholas robinson

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