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5 Makeup Mistakes Black Women Should Avoid

Are you putting your best face forward? Or are you making one of these five makeup mistakes? Check it out!

The Eyes


1. Heavy Metal on the Eyelids

If you’re 40 and under, wear the gold and silver as much as you like. If your eyelids begin to lose elasticity, the glittery shades will magnify the creases. The result is that the glitter will settle in the creases and will age your eyes, instead of enhance them. Try vibrant colors in the matte eye shadows, adds Chicago-area makeup artist Jamese.

Jamese adds that now is the time to take your fall colors into spring: “Go from darker colors to more vibrant, bright, colors,” she tells rolling out. “Women of color can wear a variety of colors; we just have to find the correct shades for our skin tones.”

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