Robert Zimmerman Defends His Son, George, in Open Letter

The father of 28-year-old George Zimmerman is speaking out in his son’s defense. Robert Zimmerman of Lake Mary, Fla., wrote a letter last week to The Orlando Sentinel calling the depiction of his son in the media “cruel and misleading.” He also added that his son who is Hispanic, grew up in a multicultural home and is in no way a racist.

“He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever. The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth.”

Robert Zimmerman also challenged reports that his son followed Trayvon and adds that when the truth comes to light everyone should be “outraged” by his treatment. “At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event became public, and I hope that will be soon. Everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media.”

As previously reported, Robert Zimmerman has been revealed as a retired magistrate judge and his wife, Gladys Zimmerman, a former court clerk.

The occupations of Zimmerman’s parents are causing many to wonder whether he received preferential treatment in 2005 when he was arrested for resisting an officer with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

The charge was later reduced to resisting an officer without violence and dismissed when he entered an alcohol education program.

Zimmerman was also accused of domestic violence by his ex-fiancee in 2005, who filed a restraining order against him.

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