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‘Glee’ Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston: Best and Worst Performances

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay

Kurt and Blaine’s (Darren Criss) happy romance is in trouble when Chandler, a North Lima High student who, like Kurt, is New York City-bound with admittance to NYU’s musical theater program, steps in and begin’s wooing Kurt with flirty text messages. Kurt, explains that he and Blaine are suffering from “lesbian bed death” and swears the flirty texts are innocent ego boosts. But when Blaine discovers the messages, he accuses Kurt of cheating on him. Blaine then sings a solo of “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” in front of the whole class. And though his face reads hurt and angry, his vocals only leave us disappointed and wishing Mercedes had this song instead.


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