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Tami Roman Apologizes to Kesha Nichols: 5 of Her Most Shameful TV Moments

Tami Roman Apologizes to Kesha Nichols: 5 of Her Most Shameful TV Moments

Many fans and detractors of “Basketball Wives” were appalled by Monday night’s episode when Tami Roman maliciously bullied her co-star, Kesha Nichols, and even robbed her of her purse. And with a backlash against the show steadily growing, Roman has now publically apologized to Nichols.

Shortly after Monday’s jaw-dropping episode aired, Roman took to her Facebook page to post a public apology to Nichols for her embarrassing behavior.

“I don’t apologize for it 2b accepted — that is ultimately the other person’s right to accept or deny it. My only responsibility is to acknowledge a mistake was made and own up to it,” wrote Roman. “I apologize to my family, my REAL friends, my business colleagues, and my Project Girl ladies 4my recent behavior on BBW. I am NOT a bully as depicted on the show, but I did make poor decisions in handling my differences with my cast mate. I sincerely apologize to all of us, as well as to my castmate who was on the receiving end of my wrath.”

Nichols hasn’t responded to Roman’s apology (and, understandably, she may never do so), but last week, she took to her blog to share her pity for her “BBW” bully.

“As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand.  I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better,” wrote Nichols.

“Bullies are simply crying out for attention that they cannot receive in other ways.  It is actually quite sad, especially when seen in adults,” added Nichols, while sharing sharing facts about the problem of bullying.

We commend Nichols for using this shameful moment in reality TV as a means to educate others about bullying.

And as for Roman, hopefully, she decides to spend more time dealing with her issues while in anger management and not on TV where hordes of impressionable youth (and, sadly, adults) can watch on and think that such grievous behavior is acceptable in any environment, or think that all black women are volatile and angry.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Tami has displayed embarrassing behavior on screen. Check out some of her other shameful TV moments below.

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