Sugar Gamers of Chicago: Keisha Howard, CEO

Sugar Gamers of Chicago: Keisha Howard, CEO
Keisha Howard, CEO, the Sugar Gamers, strikes a pose.

Chicago’s Keisha Howard: Diary of a Sugar Gamer

1985 was the year compact discs were introduced to Americans, the year Michael Jackson bought ATV Music and every Beatles song for a cool $47 million. Back to the Future, The Color Purple, and Rocky were on the big screen just as Super Mario, a little Italian plumber on a mission to rescue a princess named Peach, invaded our homes on the small screen.

Fast forward to 1994 the year that the video game entered the world of Keisha Howard, CEO and Founder of Sugar Gamers, a group of girl game enthusiasts.

Howard made gaming a smart business move and we had to learn more. –lydia k. nesmith, intern

 How were you introduced to video games?
When I was 10 years old, my brother only had me to play video games with — thus I was introduced to Super Nintendo. Sorry Barbie!

What was life like before you met Super Mario?
Hahaha! I had my Barbie dolls. Barbie allowed me to play grown-up. She symbolized a freedom, I was able to customize her lifestyle to my liking and that was fun. Children need a broader range of toys and entertainment.

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