Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Powerful GOP strategists and PAC members have considered, then abandoned, then revived again the thought against the militant former minister whose church Obama attended and who performed the matrimony rituals for Barack and Michelle Obama. In particular, Wright’s explosive phrase “God damn America” was particularly effective in nearly derailing Obama’s feel good story of 2008. Resultant from the unprecedented exposure he received, Wright began a highly-profitable national tour to try to explain his position and simultaneously support Obama but did more damage than good. But it wasn’t sufficient enough derail his former church member’s drive to the the Oval Office.

Today, in a new book, Wright, embittered from being ousted from Obama’s inner circle, told an author that Obama tried to persuade Wright via some thick stacks to keep quiet. Somehow, I can see this being revived during the general election cycle.

Terry Shropshire

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  • zobop republic

    Cory Booker is a FOOL!  The GOP isn’t going to stand with him.  They used him.  The GOP wants to turn back the clock on everyone!

    Only in the end do you understand.  Hope it’s not too late!