Kreayshawn and V-Nasty Use N-Word

Cali rapper Kreayshawn hit the music scene to adoration and praise last year when she dropped her popular single, “Gucci Gucci.” But the praise soon turned to hate when it was revealed that both she and her rapping friend V-Nasty used the N-word in casual conversation and music. Though Kreayshawn claimed that she only used the word when quoting others and V-Nasty vowed that she wouldn’t use the word in her music, many were left with a sour taste in their mouths about the whole situation.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • Louiseiford

    I think the Dream is right. They give the word too much power. Also, that was the name of the song. Chill out.

    • seriousness

      you r ridiculous and out of touch. the power is strong when they continue to murder  black men for no reason and nothing is done about it. and we continue to be discriminated against in employment, housing etc. look at the statistics on discriimination against blacks its very alarming. they have a lot people who call u s n words to take us back to feeling like lowly s;laves . r u black ? do u appreciate and love your ancestors and all they endiured so you could be free so stop being a sefish sellout. thats word.

  • Slraccess

    Don’t use offensive words; maybe then that will close the door to others using them. Stop opening the windows.

  • seriousness

    There is so much negativity to using the word. we all know at least a little bit about the history of white people using thatword towards blacks. its why we get very offended when they use it. theres so much racism in america against blacks. no one can use it but especially when your not black. becaus e most racial groups have distinctive racist teachings against blacks. the problem is you can like black culture without hating on us, trying to be black and being extremely disrespectful. just because blackout sellout entertainers accept it doesnt mean all blacks will allow not be offended and accept this disgusting behavior. if your famous and black and are not going to defend yourseves and the average black person then shut up and say no comment.